Wednesday, November 11, 2009

why do i do it?

am i the ONLY one that gets horribly excited to find great coupons on Sundays for makeup products? like the 2.00 off a product or buy one get one half off, and then double that with CVS or walgreen's in-store sale as well ?
when i am needing a pick-me-up, or particularly, right after i just dropped $140 on my highlights and i am feeling oh so pretty (for these hair prices lately, i should feel way more than just pretty!) i head to the drugstore in pursuit of a new lipstick!  preferably walgreens, because, i know i talk about it waaaaay too much, but it's a midwest store and i am just used to it and love it and it's a piece of home for me when i visit there....but back to the lipstick, it makes me so happy to get a new lipstick. i am really obsessed with lipglosses -- my girlfriends here could tell you that one - i always have some new flavor going on and love to tell you about my newest find - last year's philosphy red velvet cake was the obsession around Christmas time.
the minute i get back in the car, i have that sucker opened and am trying it on in the rearview mirror. and if i've bought 3 of them, it's wipe it off, put on the new one, and same thing for the third new flavor.

BUT here is the problem when i get lipstick ....

now why on Earth do i even bother? they are ALL the same boring brown color. i have even brought home tubes that i have bought already 1 or 2 times before, only to have it still sitting in the makeup basket, never used. why can't i stray from the norm? just a tad bit?

i'm more of a drugstore girl when i comes to makeup - if it's something higher end, its after spending an hour in sephora trying on every type of makeup in sight until you finally feel chapped all over your eyes and lips and cheeks from wiping it off and then reapplying the next chosen item. so i've spent $2 to $30 for the "perfect lipstick?" but really, what is the point? i give up. it's brown for  me forever. even mia, who is carrying on my lipgloss obsession at the young lovely age of 4 1/2 (dear God what's ahead for me?),  asked why i can't have princess pink or red lipstick in my collection? maybe i'll just have to give that princess pink a try, for her benefit sometime soon. bring on the makeup remover, i can already feel it!


  1. I'm the same way! Practically everything I have falls under the category of shades that you're addicted to! I don't know about the princess pink. They look good on little girls, but not so nice on us...The only thing I don't like about lip gloss is that my hair is constantly getting caught in it. But they just can't master those delicious scents in lipstick, so lipgloss will always be the winner there.

  2. yeah, the princess pink will NOT be happening - maybe for a day of pretend here in the house!

  3. All lip colors I buy are neutral shades. All of them. I never venture out and buy red. No way would I ever wear red. So, why do I keep buying the same colors over and over? Because it feels awesome to have a new tube of lipstick or gloss in my purse! That's why!

  4. I love lip glosses. They are everywhere here. On my desk, in my drawers, glove comparments, every purse. I'm obsessed with them. I'm a pink girl though.

    I guess you get used to one kind of shade and nothing else ever looks right.

    I bought a red, because....I guess I thought I should own at least ONE red lipstick. I put it on lightly and top it off with.......yes, pink lip gloss :)

  5. Hi Jen,
    This is the same reason everything in my closet is Black,Brown and Gray. I gravitate to the same colors.
    I do have some pink and red lipgloss but I always wear the brownish ones.
    Good luck with princess pink!


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