Friday, November 20, 2009

i'm confused...

i'm confused.
i always have had a problem of "letting go" of things.
but this is not right.
 i just can't decide.

if you were standing in my family room right this very minute,
in one quick turn of your head,
you can see this...

the girls' halloween candy which remains - it should just be tossed into the garbage like most good parents have probably already done, but candy does wonders for bribery -- and i remember my love for candy as a kid so is a piece or two a day really that bad???

and you will see this...

the twins have made improvements in their understanding of thanksgiving this year and gratitude and what they are thankful for...imagine my face last year when i read the poster at preschool that said
"what are blessings?"
mia's answer: "when you need a tissue"
maddie's answer: "when you sneeze"
fortunately izzy has been a great example this year in my attempts to explain "blessings"

and you will see this...

understand my confusion now?
and i've blamed my husband for being the indecisive
 one all these years.
we are having company on saturday and i am really going to confuse the heck out of their little kids.
so really, i need to make a decision here.
is it halloween, thanksgiving or christmas in here?


  1. I know what you mean. I finally put away all of my Halloween and fall decor this week. I was going to keep some fall items out for Thanksgiving but I store it in the same container as my Halloween decorations and I didn't want to drag the container out twice so I just put it all away. Now my mantel is completely bare because I wasn't ready to decorate for Christmas, yet I didn't want to put up my normal mantle items knowing I was going to decorate for Christmas in a couple of weeks (sorry I'm rambling here)....anyway, I've decided Christmas it is! I'll be starting to decorate this weekend.
    Enjoy your company this weekend.

  2. i know for SURE that Halloween is over, put that candy in the kitchen girl! it's confusing for me that I am just THINKING Christmas, I can't actually go there yet with the decorations. I can only "do" on theme at a time so it's just Thanksgiving in this house until next Friday!

  3. the great thing about life are "choices". you decide what you want in your house....and for how long. as for the candy, ours is out, too, but all the good stuff is gone. so, now it just sits there (and is ready for the garbage). we're celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend with our hometown family. sunday we're putting up our tree. all of these 3 holidays are just smushed together. so, enjoy them!

  4. Halloween is DONE!
    It's Thanksgiving mode until the day after when it's full speed ahead on Christmas!
    Love your mantle!!
    Have a fun weekend!

  5. Do Christmas! I don't care that it isn't Thanksgiving yet! Do Christmas and then post pictures so I can see all of your lovely decor! I love looking at your ideas and creativity!


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