Tuesday, November 3, 2009

a little cleaning up...

i am green today. green with envy. my husband is on a business trip back to illinois which is 40 minutes from my hometown. my mom. my dad. my sister. her kids. and i am miles and miles away here in california. what are the chances that we'd move from illinois to california only to have him work for a company that's headquartered back in illinois? so he is on a plane back to my good ol' midwest. even if it's rainy and dreary, it's my mom and dad and sister and grandma..and you get the point. but traveling with kids is easier than arranging to leave the kids behind so i didn't go along on this trip and had my family visit last month. so say hello to illinois for me husband.

my project...

i am trying to make the effort to keep our bedroom clean - free of toys, free of bottles from the night before (baby bottles that is, not hidden whisky bottles - just to clarify!) free of clutter -- at least messy clutter that doesn't have it's place in the room. i love to "retire" to my room at night and watch a tv show before bed but when i look at bags full of stuff that need to be put away, usually endless laundry baskets full of folded laundry, i just can't relax.

so i decided to put to use the plant shelf in our bedroom -- what is the purpose of that thing anyway? you can't keep a real plant alive up there and the fake ones turn white from the months of dust that accumulates. books?  i am not a big book collector - once they are read, they are out of the house -- but we seem to have made quite a collection of books that we want to read, maybe when our kids are adults and we finally get a minute to do sucha thing.  by using this shelf for books, i cleared out 3 drawers on our bedside tables that can now be used for a better purpose. i was also able to add a few of my gazillion picture frames up there and cleared off the dresser top as well. it's an effort - a work in progress but i like the new look and hope that i can keep it lookin' good.

not sure i could have gotten the job done without my sweet little climber assistant miss iz


  1. I like how you utilized that space and an extra bonus is additional storage in the bedside tables!
    Little Miss Iz is absolutely adorable!! Looks like a great helper.

  2. Jen, I just awarded you the Kreativ Bloger Award! Stop by my blog to pick it up!

    Jane @ Finding Fabulous

  3. That looks great! I love that high plant shelf! I think it looks very cozy and relaxing!

  4. Hi Jen,
    Love the shelf! Your room looks great. Love your little helper.
    Saw some Halloween pictures on Jackie's blog.
    Trying to catch up as we were on a vacation last week.
    Chat soon,

  5. just awarded you the Kreativ Bloger Award! Stop by my blog to pick it up!
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