Wednesday, November 4, 2009

california dreamin'...and savin'...

i found this cute easy to make bank on ohdeedoh  and could relate to her story of reaching a milestone when the last can of baby formula is used -- however, we are not there quite yet, ok not even close to "there."  i keep saving these empty canisters thinking there has to be some creative use for them. i am going to definitely create a college fund bank using this idea with izzy's last can of formula whenever that may be -- with twins and then her arrival, we've contributed quite a fortune to the formula industry. so with giving credit to the creator of the the canister bank, jackie,  at avocado & papaya, i whipped up this quick bank for my aunt, aka my dear friend, so that she'll be inspired to save her spare change for a visit to california to see us- i even threw in the thirty bucks that i owed her with rules to keep it in the bank. she has come out two times since we moved to CA  three years ago, (and was even brave enough to fly with me with ten month old twins to make the move there) but i think she's overdue for another visit.

here's to california dreamin' my most wonderful-est aunt!


  1. Cute idea for the formula cans...hope your aunt makes it out to CA real soon to visit....if she can't, can I fill in :-)

  2. just found this link to my bank from a few months back. looks great!


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