Tuesday, November 24, 2009

the coziest room...

the coziest room in our house right now just might be miss iz's room - it's quaint and just the right size for her little 8 month old self. with the surprise news of her existence came the surprise news of  "we need another bedroom" ...which screamed budget and "oh crap!" to me ...but i love what we created and it's a creation that we put together with very little money- a family friend, carol, who is an amazing seamstress, helped me create her room before her birth... i have shown bits and pieces of her room in previous posts to show my frugal finds, but a few have asked to see the entire room -- so let's take a little tour

i purchased the mobile at a childrens' resale shop for $6 and
 i made the purple arm cover to have it match the room decor

handmade curtains - i picked out the fabric, carol did the sewing!
love the miracle sign, a gift from my mom - so true in izzy's case!

bird and birdcage - fun little garage sale finds!

my great grandma's dresser waiting to be painted or refinished in my "free time" (year 2020)

and if you've been reading my blog for awhile now, you are tired of seeing this picture -- my $1 garage sale table and my free curbside lamp which i doctored up with some purple spraypaint.

and this little bug that gets to call this room her own, she's just priceless!

(and if you are presently creating a nursery,
be sure to take a look at spearmint baby
which showcases some adorable nurseries)


  1. cute!!! this REALLY makes me want to decorate another nursery! Oh-but then i would need a baby to put in it...... : ) Little Miss Izzy is a lucky little girl!

  2. Oh.. little girl rooms. I always think how I would decorate a girl nurery again. I did it twice. Yours is so fresh and fun and not cookie cutter (Which I love). If only I could get another one of those cute, sweet little bundles to put inside the room. What a beauty she is. My favorite.favorite.favorite is a baby sitting in a crib peeking out with a grin. makes me smile, real big.

  3. This is one of the coziest nurserys I have ever seen! You did a great job, as always. I hope I have a girl next time so I can decorate a girlie room!

  4. Just like Amy's comment, I want to decorate another nursery too! But then I'd need to go through the whole process again. Hmmmmm, that day will come I am sure, but until then i try to keep revamping the kids rooms.

  5. A very cute nusery for a very sweet princess!

  6. so cute!!! I had fun with Jake's room but can't wait to decorate a girl nursery in the future! :)

  7. This is adorable!!! My not so baby girl is Isabella, too. You have great taste (& not just in baby names ;D).


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