Thursday, June 17, 2010

more furniture in the household...

in the midst of all this chaos over the last two months, my husband treated me to a massage on mother's day weekend. It was a Saturday appointment and I was more than happy to go, but strategically, I left a bit early so that I could just happen upon a garage sale or two. I managed to make it to one. it was 930 and the woman was already clearing out and packing up. there was this gorgeous and antique in-need-of-some-love dresser at the end of her driveway waiting for someone to make a last purchase before she closed up shop. i mentally told myself, "ok, no more than $25. " I asked and the most beautiful price came out  her mouth. FFFFFFRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEE! "take it" she said! i somehow managed to squeeze that dresser in my sequoia with one stroller and three car seats. my car is a boat but that was still pretty impressive.

I didn't take before pictures because...well, i don't know why. i start a project and just want to get it finished so i was too lazy to get the camera. it was a wood - no paint - just the original wood color. i sanded off the edges to add some age and didn't bother to fill in the loopy parts with paint. i am sure glad i am not in the furniture business because as you can tell, i know nothing about the vocabulary of furniture -- patina, or is it pantina? cherry vs. oak - i don't know so i won't pretend to know!

i used a gray-ish white "oops" can of paint and a tad of turquoise paint to the fancy parts of the dresser. i love the outcome. so much that we rearranged my entire living room that evening and i got rid of a couch that i've been wanting to get rid of but was hanging on to just for some place to sit -- this dresser booted that couch on out and it's now in my neighbor's garage playroom.

so here's the new dresser....and i still can't believe with all of my stuff, the drawers are still empty even after being inside for almost a month now! shocker if you know how much i truly like "STUFF." i'm lovin' it!...almost as much as that framed picture of all three of my baby girls' piggy toes! that's a keeper!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Time just flies on by....

with or without me!

what has happened in the last month?
i don't even know what to blame for my absence of blogging...
and as you read on, i am NOT complaining, rather venting with a smile on my face because its "all just temporary..."

maybe i've been a bit busy with...

the girls finished their last month of preschool...
izzy now pronounces NO quite well and quite loudly...making any task with her a bit more challenging now...
maddie fell out of bed in the middle of a night tremor putting us in ER to get 7 stitches in her eyebrow at 1AM
mia got bit in the face by a neighbor's dog, a german shepard of all dogs - small bite but enough to make us all panic when the dog jumps her fence and appears out of nowhere...
the lakers have made it to the finals and lakers hold a lot of priority in this household
the dishwashwer broke a month ago and i've been handwashing dishes every day, 5 times a day, - ok, i may sound like a big brat, but wow is that a time consuming task with 5 people using dishes.
the washing machine broke and flooded the lower level of the house - dehumidifiers and fans are all that i seem to hear in my house at the moment,
we had a neighborhood garage sale and about an hour into the sale, i wrote EVERYTHING'S FREE on the chalkboard and watched people hound the stuff like it was a child's first Easter egg hunt...i was literallly too tired to count money and bargain with customers. just take it please.
what else?
my mom had foot surgery today and my dad has knee surgery on friday - and i live gazillion miles away and can't be of any help
a neighbor who foreclosed on their home let their two pet pythons loose in the neighborhood on their move-out day -- apparently we innocent neighbors had something to do with their foreclosure? one was found and captured, the other, well, we are all waiting to see who is the lucky one to encounter him!
i finally cleaned out that hazardous garage of mine thanks to my neighbor Kim who saves the day for me quite often - 5 years i have been wanting to clean that out -- we did an awesome clean out, created a toy room and craft area.
that clean garage is now worse than what it was before we cleaned it because everything that was in it was taken out or scooted around due to the water damage. good intentions.

so i do miss my blog. preschool ended today and the house should be getting back in order early next week, i pray, so hopefully a wee bit of time will open up for me soon to return to my blogging habit - i haven't been a writer or a reader lately. i will be back....