Wednesday, November 18, 2009

that turquoise wall...

given my love for photography, i can rarely drive down a street without noticing the perfect backdrop for pictures -- and then obsessing about when and how to get back there to take the actual pictures - how many times i've said "oooh, i wish i had my camera!" this turquoise wall was one of my favorites in my hometown. i am happy i took my nieces to this building when i did because sadly, on my visit home this time, i noticed that my vacant turquoise building has now been painted a dreary gray. i will now have to obsess about where to take the next batch of pictures.

...and on that same day, this old swing at the end of a neighbor's lakeside yard was just too inviting to not stop and take a few photos..but i didn't know these neighbors, so the girls, being girls, were "mortified" that i just popped on in this neighbors yard...but come on, you can see in the distance of one of the pictures just how far the swing is from the house -- so really, unless they really didn't want others, or strangers like us, to have a seat and take a leisurely swing, they would have put it up by there own patio. correct? so sit down and smile silly girls -- and that they did!


  1. love that turquoise wall too and really love those turquoise doors in your header, so pretty!

  2. sad to think they painted it and took its beauty away!

  3. Among the rest of your talents, you really have a great eye for photography! I love the color of that wall!!!


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