Monday, November 2, 2009

matter the most monday

after a ca-razy weekend, albeit extremely fun and exciting with the girls being so "in to" the halloween festivities this year,  i am going to remember that this mess of a house will get cleaned up with time, that my house won't always look like a tornado struck as it does right now - and i will reread and reread and reread my little trinket plate that i picked up at a palm springs thrift store -- how cute and tacky is that?
   so the little thing that i am so appreciative of, that isn't so little, is that we have this roof over our head; we are all healthy and stuffed with snickers and three musketeers and enough lollipops to keep us covered until next halloween. cleaning with chocolate in hand will make a fantabulous combo this week!
happy monday all!

and i think this is the first time in 21 years that i have worn a costume for halloween - i admit, it took a few cocktails before putting on the outfit, but we really had a fun time with ALL of us dressed up for trick or treating

(linking to spearmint baby to show our little trick-or-treaters to the world)


  1. Hi Jen,
    You guys look great! I love your costume, you look so cute in it and your kids are adorable!!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, yes I did finally add a photo. I had take one for a bio someone was doing on me so, I just went ahead and put it on my blog too.
    Have a great week, and try not to stress out too much about your house!!

  2. Very cute picture. It looks like everyone had a very Happy Halloween!

  3. Great costumes! I need to get myself one of those display dishes as it sums up my house to a tee! I love it! I was reading your "about me" and have to say I understand where you are coming from as we are a household of three girls too, so yeah sometimes I can sympathize with the hubby. Sometimes ;)

    Happy Monday to you too!

  4. cute! love the picture of all of you!

  5. So cute! You all looked great!

  6. Great costume! I haven't dressed up in years. I'm hoping to have a reason one of these Halloweens!

  7. Very cute picture. It looks like everyone had a very Happy Halloween! Work from home India


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