Wednesday, November 18, 2009

a few of my favorite things...

I've wanted to have this "favorite things" party for many years now at my house with girlfriends - i've always imagined having a holiday party with a 20 dollar gift exchange of your absolute favorite thing (that's in that price range of course, ) hoping that others will discover this secret perfect gift that only you know about - like the perfect hand soap or lotion, you know? So because with my three little ones requiring my every moment of time, this year, i am not imagining having that party as i am lucky to be showered and fed each day. i  am therefore going to join melissa over at 320 sycamore at her blog's "my favorite things" party. and you know what? i don't even have to shower for this and get all dolled up --- but i sure would like to be surrounding a table full of tasty holiday appetizers. to get in the giving holiday spirit melissa asks that you "share a list of 5-10 of your favorite finds that you would send to your best friends if you could"
so here goes my favorite thing gift list to my best friends ... and warning - i am going on the practical side here, not the fantasy land side that we'd all love to be in, but let's just be realistic for a moment...
the "would if i could"
holiday favorite things gift list...

1.  Philosophy brand lipgloss -the best! these scrumptious flavors come complete in it's own little ornament case. i bought this last year for my sister -- it never made it to her. i had it opened in the car before it even made it to my house! and these are not supposed to be but i've found that they are very edible - maybe a dieter's answer to laying off the cookies this year. price: $28

2. giving a box of only 4 of these is a bit of a tease as you really need a lifetime supply of these magical miracles. if your BFF has kids, these are a must! and if she has a husband, these are a must. a pet - a must. just get them! price:$7.99

3.the gift that keeps on giving - doesn't that apply to magazine subscriptions? this is what i asked for christmas from my mom - just to renew all of my magazine subscriptions. reading an entire book seems to not fit into my schedule, or my kids' schedule rather, so i am a big fan of the magazines -- and for this one, i'd pick my favorites for my friends and hope that they'd find some time to relax and read. price: $5-$25

(photo - the quiet owl on etsy)
4 i am easily calmed by using drink cozies -- silly, yes, but there is something about when i finally get to make my own drink in the day -  whether it's an ice water, or an end of the day beer, i love using one of the many cozies i own - it's kind of a "you deserve this cuteness" for the moment while i enjoy my drink. price $7.00

5.i'm not a shoe girl, but i am a bag girl. the one thing i've recieved more compliments on in my life are my various betsy johnson bags and jewelry. she is just FUN! they won't match your outfit and they certainly aren't subtle, but they make you smile!
price: $50 and up

   for the last one, i am leaving the practical list for a moment and entering fantasy land...

if i could, i would...send all my best friends a plane ticket to come visit me. oh, what i wouldn't do to see their faces, to sit down and share a cup of coffee with them, to catch up on our lives, to go Christmas shopping for our little ones together, to take a walk on the beach before beginning the day's routine...i am so fortunate to have made such wonderful friends during this transition to California over the last few years, but the childhood friends, wow, do i miss them.  price:$400 and up 

lipgloss, magic erasers, magazines, beer cozies, betsy johnson bags, and a plane ticket --just a few of my favorite things! and adding up my approximate prices, i am averaging over $500 per friend. every one of them would be worth it ...if i could, i would!


  1. Jen~
    I love your list and plane tickets would be on the top of mine too! Maybe I need to try to lipgloss to lose the rest of my baby weight, and send me a lifetime supply of magic erasers! We love them here too! Thanks for linking up tonight~I'm on my way to bed and love that I got to come here first :)

  2. jen- you've been holding out on me! you didn't tell me about cool cozies or betsy johnson bags! they both look like new obsessions for me too. jainey ONLY drinks her juice out of cups in cozies, except we just have the crappy foam ones with automotive ads on them. looks like Santa will be stuffing her stocking with some fun etsy ones. and if i'm lucky, maybe Santa will bring me a new fun purse.
    thanks for sharing your favorites!

    i hope i'd be one of those friends getting a plane ticket in the mail to come visit you. what i wouldn't give to join you for a cup of coffee and catch up!

  3. you absolutely would be! wish i was rich and could just fly everyone out!

  4. What a great list! :) I'm a bag girl too. Even my 5 and 3 year old notice that I change bags often. lol

    Thanks so much for adding our Creating Christmas Blog Fest button. :) I just became a follower. Hope you have a great day!!

  5. Your list is wonderful, sugar, but I'd love to have that cute bag! Darling! I'm a shoe and bag girl myself...actually I'm an "everything" kinda chick if I can afford it. Darling blog, honey.

  6. Loved the list.... such fun! I am with you on philosophy lip gloss, heavens, their products in general!!

  7. I included Magic Erasers on my list, too. Aren't they great! I have used the Philosophy products before, but not the lip gloss.

  8. Love your list - we go through Magic Erasers like butter!

  9. I love your idea of plane tickets for your friends to visit you!

    I think I live under a rock. I've never used Philosophy products. The lip gloss must be really good!

  10. I'm not a shoe girl but a purse girl too ~ should have put that on my favourite thing list :-)Love #6 on your list ~ sending all your best friends a plane ticket to visit. I'd love to do that too. Wouldn't that be great ♥

  11. Great stuff, I'm excited to check out your recommendations. I, too, love the magic erasers. :)

  12. I'll have to try the magic erasers--never have used them.
    Love your list and am so in LOVe with that owl drink cozy, so cute! And I'm with ya on the bags & magazines too.
    And Yes, I'll take a ticket too, please!

  13. I'm going to have to try that lip gloss. It looks great. I love the magic erasers too. They save my kids. I'm sorry I forgot to put where I got the suitcases. They're from Land of Nod. I think it's . I have 3 sets now. They're pretty little storage containers for my girls.

  14. Cool list; the plane ticket idea is really sweet! I'm a lip gloss junkie but haven't tried that brand yet. Thanks for the tip!


  15. Great list. I love magic eraser! Magazine subscriptions as gifts is such a great idea.

  16. Several people have mentioned philosophy lip gloss and magic erasers- obviously, must haves. :) Magazine subscriptions are a nice thought... I love to read them but right now the subscription price seems like a want- not a need, so to have someone pay it for me would be great! :) We gave John's parents (in FL) plane tickets last year to come visit us as soon as we bought the house. They were physched. Loved your list and the thought behind it. :)

  17. Love the cozie & I can't wai to try the lipgloss.

  18. That might be the cutest coozie I have ever seen. Also, I had no idea about the Philosophy lip glossy. I am going to have to try that.

  19. Thanks for sharing some wonderful ideas!!! I of course would love the plane ticket but that is a dream! :)

  20. I love the Magic Erasers...what would mothers do without those?

    So fun to read your favorites! Come read mine!

  21. Loved your list. We love Magic Erasers, too. Who doesn't?!

    What a great idea of sending all your friends plane tickets to visit. Now you need to win the lottery and it can happen.


  22. Great ideas! I am right there with you on the magazines. I can't get enough of to read them in carpool line or right before bed.


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