Sunday, November 8, 2009

i can make that...

How fun – an “I can make that party” – as much as I love to shop, I love to steal. Steal ideas that is, not actual merchandise. I can’t look at something in a store without questioning first, CAN I MAKE THAT???

Often times, I can and do. And other times, not so much. So I am jumping in on the fun over at “just a girl," where she’s collecting some great ideas from bloggers on creative things that can be made as gifts for the holidays.

My fun and sentimental contribution is making pillows out of baby or childrens’ clothes. I have made these as gifts many times, but shown are the two that I made for my little girls when they grew out of their first year clothes. I cut up some of their favorite tops and onesies  that had material or prints that were colorful, and created freehand flowers to sew on to pillows. I am not the best seamstress there is so my creations go along with the hodge podge of the rest of my creations, but these little pillows, they are keepers. I love looking at them on their beds daily and can so vividly remember their little bodies in those clothes.

For gifts that i have made in the past, I’ve asked the mothers to give me a few favorite pieces of clothing that the kids have outgrown and then surprise them with the pillow. For my nieces, who are older, I created blankets out of their tshirts, using the trendy sayings that are on the shirts and jean pockets from their jeans. These would make great holiday presents and would certainly be cherished.

Its simple. It’s cheap. Well, really it’s FREE! The handmade gifts are the ones that are always treasured the most.

the backside of the pillow

(on this one i used the little ruffles that were on the behinds of their first swimming suits)
my someday goal, when i am not such a hodge-podge seamstress is to make 3 quilts for all of my daughters using their clothes that I've saved and to give them these when they are older.
someday...don't quote me on that one anytime soon please.

happy shopping, happy planning, happy creating, whatever you plan to do
and happy STEALING of all these creative ideas!!!


  1. So pretty. I love the idea of pillows. Adorable and a wee bit less ambitious (do-able) than a full blown quilt. Especially at the holidays.

  2. That pillow is adorable and using the fabric from favorite outfits is a great idea. My son is graduating from high school this year and my mother is making him a quilt using t-shirts I saved over the years....his t-ball t-shirt from years back, elementary school shirt....shirts with logos that meant something to him over the years. I have the advantage of my mom making it :-)
    Have a great week.

  3. Hard for me to not love pillows - yours look great!

  4. Wow...what an awesome how your pillows look...thanks soooo much for sharing!


  5. I love those pillows and never thought of doing anything else with my kids baby clothes i loved besides giving them away. Thanks for the new idea!

  6. Those are so cute! I love all of your crafty ideas. I want to learn how to sew!!

  7. How adorable are those pillows!!! Unfortunately, I am not a sewer... so maybe I'll have to hire you out someday to make one for Jake! :)

  8. That is a great idea! I love the little ruffles - how cute!!

  9. Oh how I wish I could sew! I love these!

  10. What a lovely idea. You've made me remember the lovely swimming costume my daughter had when she was three. Lovely little frills on the behind.
    What stitch did you use for the edges of the pattern?


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