Thursday, November 5, 2009

thanksgiving has arrived in our home...

i often wonder if clutter could be my middle name. i'd be more honored with eclectic, but i think i just have to admit - i am a clutter queen. i don't want to be and i try not to be - but i just love stuff. i love stuff. that's it. maybe it's the girl in me, or the former teacher in me. or the packrat in me - or the fear that once i buy something, i MUST hang on to it because maybe there will be a time when i can't afford festive decorations or um, needless decorations. but there is a lot of clutter in here. i'd like to think, and 90% of the time i think i am right, that it's displayed tastefully and in an organized manner, but i just don't know what to do with just a FEW things. i have to have A LOT of things. if you don't like stuff, your eyes will hurt in my house. you might need to stay for a week to take in all that there is to see.

but that's HOME to me.
i like stuff and i like it that way.

all of these little pieces have a story to me...
the ship that sat on the coffee table in my first house as a toddler...
the leaves garland that my mom's friend bought for me as a thank you gift when she and 2 other of my mom's friends came up for a girls' weekend when i lived in downtown chicago in my early twenties...
the turkey made out of a soup can and feathers which are tracings of the twins hands
when they were just 2 years old...
the boyd's bear pilgrim that my mom gave to me when i was a boyd's bear collector...
the framed sunflower picture from one of my very best college friends, kimmy.
the wedding picture that my best friend, kate,  took of us  (i didn't mean to hide myself)...
the framed "i do" from a napkin of a wedding we attended this summer that i specifically wanted to frame and bring home to put next to our picture - as a little daily reminder.

so yes,  it's a bit clutter-ish,
but it's HOME,
and it is what makes it
our home.


  1. I have to say that reading your blog has gotten me to get back into decorating my home. I've been living in this house for about 12 years now and really have not done much in the past couple of years.

    Project this weekend: Repainting my bedroom.

    Thanks for the gentle nudges to freshen things up!

  2. I actually love the look of your fireplace and displays on it, that I may go home today to update the decorations on mine. Mine is festive but not festive enough :)

  3. I love your fireplace decor! I like lots of stuff, too. Now, if only I could afford all that stuff! Having "stuff" makes a home cozy, i think! I'm with ya'!

  4. I think your stuff looks really cute. It's not clutter, it's stuff!!
    I feel the same way, but I like decorating with stuff.

  5. I feel the exact same way! Minimalist houses do not feel homey to me. Real people have real stuff! Love your mantel, by the way - the personal touches make it so much richer!

  6. Hi Jen, Thanks for recommendation to LilBeanSprouts, they have some great designs. And Im looking foward to "cluttering" my house for the holidays! :)


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