Sunday, November 22, 2009

matter the most monday...GOOD HEALTH

it was not a pretty weekend in this household. between thursday afternoon and saturday evening, all of the girls in this house, including me, came down with the stomach flu - the husband for some reason, got off the hook. however, he really didn't,  because he had to take care of all of us, so he wins the "best husband" award for his help and patience this weekend. i've mentioned my friend/next door neighbor kim who is always willing to help out in any way she can - well , she and her daughter were in bed with the same thing! so it was my husband all on his own! i really don't know which is worse, being sick yourself or watching your three little ones get sick and feel so helpless in helping them to get better. even the baby was sick! it's heartbreaking to watch their little eyes and see them all curled up moaning in pain. i am glad to have the weekend behind me and hopefully we have this type of flu behind us for the season and can move on to good health!

i do have to admit, however, there was a little part of us all being sick together that was actually nice. sure, we get it over with in one weekend, but it allowed us all to SIT STILL. i didn't jump up to clean or do laundry; jason didn't run weekend errands or tackle the bills; the girls didn't run off to the neighbors to play; the dog didn't beg endlessly for us to walk her or play ball with her and izzy was more then content to spend the days napping in our arms. we watched elf, cat in the hat, shrek 3, and snuck in christmas vacation after the girls dozed off. i  can't tell you how many times i've seen shrek 3 - but out of the corner of my eye, in bits and pieces as they watched  the movie and i cleaned. i actually sat still and watched all of these movies, with them, next to them, cuddled up in the same blanket with them. it really gave me a new appreciation to doing these things WITH the girls, not just for them or next to them, but actually WITH them.
so after our sickly but family-bonding weekend, here are a few of my
"little things that matter the most"
 that i am oh so appreciative of on this monday...

and of course, as i mentioned before, i am so appreciative of
my caring and tolerant husband
 for taking care of all of his girls!
 we are so loved!

now everyone, GO WASH YOUR HANDS and
grab some "hanitizer" as my daughter calls it!


  1. I am so glad you are feeling better! And yes, those are the things that matter the most when you are so sick! It is nice to spend quality time together watching movies and sitting still, I just wish you hadn't been sick! Take care of you and your babies! Your husband sounds like a great man!

  2. Glad you are all healthy again, knock on wood, we haven't gotten any flus yet here. Here's to Kleenex, Clorox, and Pepto!

  3. ughhh.... not fun! so glad you guys are all feeling better now! maybe it's best that it hit you all (almost all) at once and the silver lining is definitely lots of family time together!

  4. Glad you are feeling better!
    That is the worst!!
    Happy Thanksgiving!


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