Friday, April 30, 2010

Why do they do it?

I'm not going to lie. It's still a big problem with one of my 5 year olds. It's to the point that even she doesn't even know she is doing it. I have told her numerous times to stop, that it's ugly and it's full of germs, and well, JUST DON'T DO IT! I've even delivered the news that my mom used to tell me...
"I'm going to put it on a piece of bread and make you eat it."
But really, no matter how bad it gets,
I don't even think I could stomach doing that to her.

and see....she has been up to this for a few years now...
 (photos taken in july of 2006)
not just one time during this photo shoot but two times...

and three times...

and yep, let's go for a fourth pick...

and this one is complete with the smile that she knows she is funny and has our attention
and that yes, we are all giggling right along with her.

even the 4th of July favorite that I used for a family card included her little pick...
but without that little finger up her nose, she really was a precious little baby...
and still is at 5 today. 

BUT I am curious as to whether or not she has been working with Izzy on learning a few tricks...
It all started with "where's your head?" and "where are your eyes?" and "where's your nose?" and BAM! The finger found the nostril and that was it! I laughed and the more I said don't do that, the more she did it and on came the giggles! What is it with kids and nose picking? In my few seconds of online research, I realize I've tried almost all that they suggest -- carrying tissues, band-aid on the finger, explaining about germs, demanding hand-washing, blah blah blah -- but I am going to go with the last suggestion on their list.
Ignore it.
We'll see what happens as this is definitely not one I've used thus far.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

a sentimental PB knock-off

It's summer - well, almost; fair to say that we all have summer fever at least. so with that, it means new pillow covers in the Smith household - or its a good excuse for fulfilling that need to  make yet another round of pillow covers. A store called Tall Mouse carries fabulous quilting fabric and had a 50% off sale of their usual $9.99  a yard fabrics. So I stocked up a bit for pillows in our front room, pillows on the girls' beds and for a few dresses for the baby. I tackled the pillows first, using the purchased fabric and a few sentimental things I picked up from both my grandmother and great grandmother.

the blue and gold prints are fabric I bought; the pink "blanket" is a vintage tablecloth that I found in my grandma's linen closet. I love the whimsical and girly look of it. No one knows that it's a tablecloth unless I tell them, right?
the brown and orange on the left and right sides are bought fabrics, and the middle pillow was one of a pair I picked up at a garage sale for 25 cents each.

Although I have yet to actually sew these into throw pillow covers, I just love the yellow and white pillow cases that, again, were in my Grandma's closet. I remember choosing these pillowcases for my pillows when I stayed all night with my grandparents when I was a child. All the more reason to bring them home with me! And the fun flower one? Another half off fabric - the choices were endless at the sale!

Now on to my favorite pillow of the selection presently in my home:  Here are the ones shown in Pottery Barn - the vintage flower pillows:

...and here are mine that I made using vintage fabric that I acquired after my great grandmother died in 2002.
I've held on to it and finally found it justified to cut it up and create pillow throws - after all, if it's in Pottery Barn, it's justified, right? Who doesn't love their look? And I think I like "free" quite a lot better than PB's overprices. Now as I look at these photos of the pillows, I think I will break out the iron for a few obvious reasons...

Happy Day!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

for the love of coral...

i wish i could be a blogger who had something profound to say each day, something meaningful to leave you pondering and thinking about the topic a few days later -- two blogs that inspire me daily and leave me in deep thought are The Goat and the Kidblogged by nancy and Lucky Number 13, blogged by amy. if these two gals ever wrote self-help books, I'd be the first in line at the bookstore to buy the books! Such inspiration  - and wonderful photojournalism to boot! Check them out!

but, I'm not that kind of blogger or writer. I just like to show you my frugal finds, obsess over my redecorating habit, and occasionally share with you some enlightening moments with my children. I guess if all blogs were the same it wouldn't be that fun.

So no deep thoughts, but I have a mantel to share with you - Inspiring ? ?  ?
Thanks to those that complimented my blog header, and yes, those photos are from my mantel. I have to admit this mantel might overdo it's stay this summer because I am loving it myself!

My inspiration?

which i "borrowed" from this gorgeous Hawaiian beach...

i had coral stuffed in shoes, in baby clothes, in my husband's shirts, in my make-up bag- wherever i could think to put it in my suitcase so that they wouldn't take it out of my luggage - it was the one and only souvenier i brought back from our trip, so i was begging "please don't take my coral!"
it all came home with me. smile.

back to the mantel...

now here's the pictures that i really enjoyed creating...
those of you that are interested in, or should i rephrase that and say, addicted to, decorating, and redecorating, do you find yourself doing this annoying habit? -- Sitting back and mentally itemizing each item in your house, recollecting where it came from and what you paid for it? I CAN'T STOP! Not that I have any time to sit back in this house with three little busy bodies to chase, but when i do actually sit and relax a bit after they've all gone to sleep, i visually move from piece to piece taking pride in how little i paid to decorate my home and how pleased i am with the outcome. here is the summer mantel i created and i'll be happy to break it down for ya -- not sure i have even $50 wrapped into this mantel....

not too shabby!

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Addicted to Garage Sales...

Isn't it nice to be missed? Thank you for the sweet comments welcoming me back yesterday! Is it possible to miss your blogging friends even though you've never even met them? Yes. It is.  

It was a fabulous Saturday of GARAGE SALE-ING. A very nice area near our home here in Orange County had their community sale this weekend. We got an early start and although it was throughout their whole town, we never made it out of one particular wealthy neighborhood - It was like shopping at TJMaxx Home Goods. I went with the idea that I was only going to purchase things that had an immediate purpose and location once I brought it home - No more storing things in my horrendous garage. With that in mind, I focused on the exterior of the home. Hawaii has me rearing to go for summer!

Although I can't seem to keep a plant or flower alive for the life of me, I found this plant stand for $7
If this turquoise color ever becomes repulsively out of style - I am doomed!
And if anyone has some suggestions for plants/flowers for someone with a black thumb rather than green, pass on some advice please!

"No, I'm not getting a bird" was my response to my husband when he questioned this purchase
- Husbands just don't see the creativity in pieces all the time, right?
It is a real bird cage and I plan to doctor it up with a fake bird at some point but for the time being, I had to change the color and find a place in the front entry way.
Green - Gone.Yes to Colonial Red.

(this black chest is actually an old toolbox that I bought at a garage sale almost ten years ago.)

At an earlier sale in March, this little guy came home with me for my girls - The guy bought it at ZGallery and gave it to me for $2

as did this "thing" which I love. I don't know if I should use it as a planter or what?
any ideas? front porch, back patio?

Useful treasures. Well, at least pretty ones as I see it.
My husband might debate me on that one!

Happy Day Everyone!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

welcome back to me...

Hello! Long time no bloggin'! I am hoping my readers are still around and have missed me just a wee bit. If not, I've at least missed being the author of a blog! I'm in that "needing a vacation after a vacation" mode since we just successfully survived our FIRST family vacation to Hawaii. It was GORGEOUS, and even a bit relaxing. Traveling with three kids --w o a h!!! But all in all, it was wonderful, much needed, and will be probably our most memorable trip with it being our first family trip.

So, with suitcases unpacked and laundry all washed, I am back to the real world of momhood. Cooking for my cooking group (which I just succeeded in convincing my husband to chop up the onions for me as I think my eyeballs truly did fall out while attempting to chop them myself,) working on getting Izzy to sleep in her crib rather than my arms as she has for the past year, and painting both the kitchen and girls' bedroom, I am back to tackling the TO DO list.
                            -- back to the onions but wanted to say  I AM STILL HERE!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

On our way once again...

My long lost friend - MY BLOG! I've been a bit preoccupied with leaving my parents house in Illinois, coming back to California, unpacking and tackling laundry, only to repack again as we leave tomorrow for HAWAII! So in the four days that we have been home, I haven't spent much time with friends, rather I've been hanging out in my bathroom with these friends:

I've always been the sun goddess in the past, roasting myself to the perfect color of brown, but in the last few years, being a mother of little ones who will want me around for their lives, I've decided to trade in the sun for these little tubes of fake n' bake. I am getting used to the coppery metal smell and have collected 5 or 6 different brands to discover the perfect one without the smell, but it's a trial and error process. But a bit of copper smell on me is worth the trade in for this pasty white self of mine!

so Aloha, Adios, Hula - whatever the word - I am outta here and we are on our way bright and early Monday morning! I am overdue for some R n' R! I'll "talk" to you when we return in ten days!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Time To Say Goodbye..or Just See You Later...

It's our last day in Decatur, Illinois. We are headed back to California tomorrow. The girls are always sad when this arrives and asked this morning "why can't we stay for 20 more weeks?" well, girls that would most likely make your  Nana a bit loony. It was a visit that was much longer than we had originally planned but so worth every minute that we spent here.
I will even miss the scenery.
Wishing I could load up one of these barns and plant it in my backyard.
Guess I'd be called the loony one then.