Sunday, November 8, 2009

happy birthday ma...

today is my best friend's birthday. my mom's birthday.  the day i brought the twins home from the hospital almost 5 years ago, my neighbor said to me " now you understand just how much your mom loves you, don't you? " she couldn't have said it better.
knowing how much i miss the seasons of the midwest, my mom surprised me with a package in the mail - laminated fall

 yes, sounds funny, but to keep the color, that's what you have to do. so maddie started to "open" the leaves (taking the lamination off) before i explained to her that that wasn't part of the packaging. to enjoy the leaves, we made a garland on our gate, right by our front door - and added a few of the girls' painted leaves. i of course think of fall when i see tahem daily, but what i really think is MOM. Mom is Home and that is why i am always so homesick for home. 
today is november 8th...she arrives to California on December can bet there is countdown going on!
Happy Birthday "Ma"


  1. I love your garland! Looks great! It is so sweet that your mom is your best friend. My mom and I became friends as I got older. We didn't get along very well when I was a teenager and throughout my twenties. Now, that I am in my thirties and a mom myself, we get along much better. I think we were always too much alike.

  2. Happy Birthday to your mom too! Love your garland, so cute and what a great surprise---a little piece of home!

  3. Happy Birthday to your mom!!
    Love the leaves, and of course the beautiful children.


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