Friday, November 13, 2009

the most awesome-est FREE find...

i am getting a kick out of myself a bit on these friday posts -- i remember when FRIDAYS  used to be TGIF days and i couldn't wait to share a happy hour with college friends, and then later, with co-workers, and then a few years down the road, with some mom-friends after a playdate and um, now my Fridays are woooohooooo, it's thrifty day and it's time to share the thrifty wealth with all the other thrifty bloggers -- and i think i am genuinely just as excited to do that as i was to have that first cocktail "way back when.." am i getting old? or is this just normal? maybe i'll have a beer while i type this post just to make myself feel a tad younger....

anyway.......TGIF 'cause i'm linking up to Finding Fabulous and Miss Mustard Seed once again...

i was driving out of our neighborhood a few months back and this armoire was sitting curbside at a neighbor's house. it was garbage day as well so i figured it was headed for the garbage rather than for a charity pick-up. now i love my curbside finds, but modestly, yes i admit, i like them when they occur in someone's else's neighborhood rather than my own - call me vain, but i just always fear that the next time that person sees me, they'll think "oooh, she's the one that took that dirty old piece of furniture from me." i get over it really quick, don't worry -i'm not judgmental, just always afraid of being judged i guess - a weakness, i know. and if she, the neighbor could see it now in my daughter's nursery, i think she might be quite proud of how it looks and may even ask for it back!

so after pretty much taking apart the seats in my seqouia and a very patient helpful neighbor next door, kim, who i've mentioned before, we ended up bringing this baby home around 10 that night. i love it! a few purchased hinges, a good cleaning, a removal of a few of the shelves in the interior of the cabinet ( it's actually a computer desk) i had it assembled and arranged in her room. and no, i didn't whitewash it - it came that way! made it all the better and there's more than enough storage on the inside.

and the finished look...

did i already mention that it was FREE? 
(has my neighbor not heard of ebay, craigslist, freecycle, donating to a thrift store, something???
why was this headed to the dump?)

and my little sentimental touch - my mom's first pair of walking shoes



  1. I really can't believe that was on the curb! I would've gone through some ridiculousness in order to get that piece home. The storage is amazing! And I love the finished you put on it with the little shoes as a "tassel." Gorgeous job and great find!

  2. That IS the most awesome-est find!! I can't believe someone put that on the curb. Their loss is definitely your gain! It looks gorgeous in your daughter's room.
    Great job. I need to start looking curbside for my next projects!!

  3. Why is it that my neighbors don't get rid of things this wonderful? That IS an awesome find!

  4. That *is* a fab find! What you did with it is very fab, too. :)

  5. Wow what a find, and yes I would have figured out a way to load it as well! Thanks for sharing I love your ideas!

  6. Such a great find it looks great in the room!

  7. Wow! Amazing find! I too can't believe your neighbor was just throwing that beauty away! It looks awesome!
    p.s. sow you linked up over at Mustard seed.

  8. Your joking!!! THIS was thrown out???? WOW! you got the deal of the century, girl!!! Seriously!!! And the baby shoes on the adorable!!!

  9. That armoire is amazing! Again, I am jealous I do not come across these things myself lol. Enjoy your beer!

  10. That is huge!! I can't believe someone was just throwing it away! It looks fantastic and look at all the stuff it holds.

  11. Again, you are so amazing. Look what you did! Can you come to my house and decorate my house with free things that look expensive after you get your hands on them? Thanks! I really appreciate it!

  12. Jen,
    You are a girl after my own heart!!
    Fab!!! Awesome!!
    Love it!
    Have a great weekend,

  13. Wow, I can't believe it was free. What a lucky find. It looks fabulous!!! Love the baby shoes!

    Rachel@ Simply Rachel

  14. You are the winner-besr curbside find!!! So beautiful!!!! So big!!!
    Enjoy your goodie!

  15. I can't believe it! Best curbside pickup EVER!

  16. @Cheap Chic Home. Oh, this is so pretty! The trash? I love the patina.

  17. Good for you, it looks great! ha ha. I know what you mean, it's easier to get things from the curb when no one knows you! I'm sure they would be amazed.

  18. Hi...just found you through the wonderful miss mustard seed. What a fantabulous find! We can bond, girl, as I also have a hard time picking up the neighbors' curbside treasures even though I've done it many times. LOL! I'll become a follower since we have something in common. Feel free to come on over and sit a spell!
    Living it up at Lakewood,

  19. It looks fabulous! You did a wonderful job.

  20. I agree with you....why would someone put that beside the curb?? So glad you rescued it and made it look beautiful, as well as incredibly useful. Linda

  21. That is absolutely beautiful - and even better that it was free!! What a great addition to the room.

  22. This is just an amazing find! Wow...I can't believe you found an armoire curbside! And it looks so perfect in your daughter's sweet nursery...just a beautiful focal point on that large wall! Thanks for sharing...and what a fabulous find!

    Jane @ Finding Fabulous


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