Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy Noon Year...

Edited on Wednesday January 6th to participate in
my first time participating and not nearly as fancy and  beautiful as many of the participants.
With three little ones, I am lucky to get dinner made, let alone the table set!
But New Years Eve was a special day for the little ones in our house...

the PARTY awaits.
We are blessed to have a neighborhood of all little girls - although a few boys in the mix would toughen them up a bit - but we have a cul-de-sac of wonderful little playmates!
My neighbor Kim and I are having a HAPPY NOON YEAR party today at 12 pm for our little divas! Fancy dresses, painted nails, make-up and jewelry - a perfect day for these little princesses! Now back to preparing the Sundae bar and brownies...

Happy NOON Year to the Little Ones!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My New Years Not Resolutions Plan...

As I was waiting for my husband's surgery to wrap up a week or so ago, I read the numerous parenting magazines available in the waiting room - irony there -- husband's getting a vasectomy, wife is reading parenting and pregnancy magazines.  (And before I go any further, I am guilty of sneaking off to Micheal's which shared the same parking lot as the doctor's office -- I couldn't resist but I did have a bit of guilt for shopping while he was, well while he was doing what he was doing). I read an article in Fit Pregnancy that really grabbed my attention. It's basic concept was "stop trying to be Supermom." I think all moms, aware or not, are always reaching for that goal.

With the influence of this article, and with the new year ahead and previous years of failed resolutions, I am going to make a resolution which allows me to do less! I'm not going to resolve to lose that lingering ten pounds of baby weight before our Hawaii trip in April: not going to declare that I will start cooking 5 out of the 7 nights: and not going to resolve that I'll go to the gym several days a week, or even one day which isn't even presently happening - Apparently, I just enjoy making a $50 a month donation to the gym just for the heck of it .
Don't get me wrong now, I am not declaring to be lazy and remove all motherhood duties, rather, I am instead making the resolution to SLOW DOWN! I beat myself up for all of those reasons above and for a trillion other faults, but I am going to make a consious effort to change that.

So. With a plan to reduce the speed on my horrible habit of rushing and trying to get it all done within one day, I am going to remember that old saying "haste makes waste." Rushing doesn't get me anywhere but quicker to frustration and to the day just crumbling apart. I am going to lower my expectations of what I can accomplish and how quickly I can do it and therefore give up that hopeful title of Supermom.

        And as a result, I want to be a Super Mom instead...

The laundry pile will be higher, the floors will be more hazardous with scattered toys and you may even need to wash your own dish in order to have a clean one should you be a guest at my house, but it's all part of the plan!  The plan of  LETTING GO, SLOWING DOWN AND ENJOYING THIS JOURNEY OF PARENTHOOD. 

      THE PLAN:  I want to spend less time cleaning and organizing and more time wearing the high heeled dress up "tappy" shoes that Mia begs me to wear on a daily basis. Gradually, maybe I'll add the never worn cocktail dress so we can play dress-up together.

 I am going to spend less time fretting over putting away the folded laundry and more time stretching those mini rubbery clothes onto Maddie's favorite Polly Pocket dolls and squishing those glittery red oversized shoes onto her Build-a-Bear's feet.

 Maddie will smile because "Mommy is pretending with her."

Forget the endless attempts of reorganizing the snack cabinet and sippy cup drawer in the mornings and bring on the bathtime fun and raspberry-blowing contests with Izzy each morning.

And maybe, just maybe, with less stress and more playing, those ten pounds will just miraculously disappear just in time for that Hawaii trip! NOT a resolution, just a "keeping fingers crossed."

Happy New Year all you SUPER MOMS!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas to all...

“There's more, much more, to
Christmas than candlelight and cheer;
 It's the spirit of sweet friendship
that brightens all year.
It's thoughtfulness and kindness,
It's hope reborn again,
For peace, for understanding,

And for goodwill to men!”

The Merriest of Christmas's and the
Happiest and Healthiest New Year
to you & your families

with much love -

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Balboa Island ...

Want to take a tour of one of the best light displays around?

Clark Griswold would be in heaven in this neighborhood! It's a popular attraction in this area and definitely a must-see!

  • this house has a carousel of the reindeers on it's roof -it's of course all lit and rotates - complete with Rudolph and his red nose leading the pack!

and directly across from their house is their equally festive boat dock!

...and as you are walking, your "everyday" Christmas boat just passes by...

love the penguins at this house and snow mounds
this is the entrance to someone's house - this is a REAL tree that has had the back cut off of it and is then hanging above their front door -- gorgeous or what???

and isn't every boat house turned into a Gingerbread House for Christmas? the girls wanted to enter it, but there is a sign that says "elves only."  We took that as do not enter.

surfer style house!

A rotating tree and a snow machine made this house attract a crowd in front

and our happy little troop enjoyed their evening!
i think i'll add a few strands of lights to my "after Christmas sale" shopping, especially
since Maddie informed me that our "gold lights are boring"
I have a long way to go to matching up to these neighbors but it's great motivation!


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Special Day Tuesday...

It's a significant day today --

my lovebug of a dog, Java, turns EIGHT today - I remember when we went to look at the litter and of course they were all adorable -- and I said to Jason, just my fiance at the time, " we are not getting a dog!"  We then passed a coffee shop called Hot Java and I followed that comment with "...But if we do, we are naming her Java." We were dog owners by January. She's just another member of the family - can't really remember what it was like not having her with us and love having her company and snuggles...
So Happy BIRTHDAY Java Lulu!

...and my sister-in-law, equally as lovely, is the BIG 30 today! I can't believe how time has passed. The very first Christmas that Jason and I shared together, he was flying to Vegas from Chicago to celebrate her 21st birthday. Wasn't that just a couple of years ago? ? ? Her brother is 7 1/2 years older than his sister so she was always the "little sister." Now married, and with 30 to her name and her first baby arriving in February, she seems to have caught up with us and isn't such the little sister anymore...


and last but not least...
my husband is
spending the day with a bag of peas!

and WHY I feel I can just share his vasectomy with the whole world, I am not sure but it's been the topic of conversation in our house all month. To me, it's a bit of reality and sadness digesting that we are indeed done having more children. I would definitely have another child if he was on board, but more importantly, if the finances were on board. But we are soooooooooo extremely blessed with our three daughters -- the first two, the twins, Mia and Maddie, giving us a real battle and long road to actually accomplishing pregnancy, and our last, Izzy, surprising us out of nowhere with no medical assistance whatsoever.

So I am ok with the day of peas and it was mututally agreed upon. Although he's ok with the purpose of it, he is anticipating  procedure to be something like the two c-sections that I had. Do I even need to go there? I am just going to bite my lip all day and give him the babying and love that he needs. It's just another chapter in our lives. 

And after panicking while midway through this post, about whether or not I even have a bag of frozen peas, I just discovered that it might be a day spent with green beans instead! Cold is cold, right?

Monday, December 21, 2009

those lovely little things...

That Matter the MOST!

It's my Monday to reflect on those little things that really aren't so little...

...watching my girls practice writing their ABC's on every writeable surface available; their pride in themselves is so evident.

...Izzy-Belle taking her FIRST STEPS, three to be exact, this weekend and both Jason and  I were present to witness this - and she's just 9 months? woah - my world is about to change!

...the family and friend get-togethers that await us this week. the garage for the 208th time this year and recreating the garage playroom for the girls

...having time with my husband last night - ok, so we watched tv and got caught up on Friday Night Lights, but we were in the same room on the same couch - a rare occasion these days given the time commitment to the girls day and night.

...the opportunity to deliver toys to the shelter today - with the kids in tow - hopefully a valuable lesson will be absorbed by the twins.

...and these family pictures that i just can't stop looking at - i am so pleased with the smiles and giggles that shine in these pictures.

i am loving those little things. just little everyday happenings that i am grateful for. enjoy your monday!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Tastes of Christmas...

A Little Taste of  Christmas for Izzy... 
You know the season is in full effect when Trader Joe's get their seasonal Peppermint Joes Cookies in stock! Imagine an Oreo with the scrumptious white middle but add some crushed candy cane to the white part - Y U M M Y! and  because I didn't want Izzy to miss out,
she experienced her first Peppermint Joe
...and begged for quite a few more!

Now how can I tell that blue-eyed baby  NO?

And for myself, a favorite of this season and one that is NEW to me since moving out west,
FRESH ORANGES straight from the tree!

A family friend brings these to me weekly while they are in season - a big 'ol bag of them and my mouth
waters the minute I see them. So tradition has become for me to make fresh OJ on the weekends. This morning was our first fresh batch ...with a bit of EGG NOG FRENCH TOAST

The girls have become pros at using the juicer - now if I could just get them equally excited to drink the jucie!

And another little reassurance that the season has arrived - the arrival
of a tasty box of Cheryl's Cookies from Cheryl & Co.
My childhood best friend and my twins' Godmother has treated us to these for the past couple of years.They are the softest most melt-in-your-mouth cookies you've ever tasted! And I 'm known to hide a few before they are all eaten by the kiddos.
(Thanks Kate if you are reading  - these are such a "sweet" surprise and just plain dee-lish!)

So with my peppermint joes, fresh OJ and Chery'ls cookie in hand,
I am pretty certain there truly is a SANTA!
I'm off to go gain a few pounds!

Happy WEEKEND everyone!
...and last minute shopping too!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Surfer Nutcracker???

Alright already, I am ready for Christmas!I think I suffer from this each year; I put the decorations out so dang early that, by mid-December, I start to feel smothered by my trazillion Santas and glittery decor and question daily "do I really have to put ALL of this away now?" But I'm plugging on with my festive attitude and putting those Grinch-y thoughts behind me. Which by the way, after finding The Grinch DVD for $5.99 at Target the day after Thanksgiving, I must have seen it at least 15 times now with the girls. Who would have known that the Grinch makes such a great babysitter! (yes, I just admitted that.)
   So the last few crafts on my list have been completed, and I am actually guilty of already looking at the Valentines decorations that have been put out at JoAnnes - Not that I agree with this one bit  - Is it really necessary to put those out already? - but see, it's people like me that encourage them to do just that -- rush right through the holidays! I didn't purchase anything though so I'm not that guilty.
     My fun creation of the week was figuring out what to give my eleven year old boy cousin. If it's not Godzilla, a sword of some sort, or some $75 video game for his umpteenth video system,  (Dear God, please don't let my aunt be reading this!) then I am just plain clueless as to what to buy the boy. But upon seeing them for half price, I did remember that he collects something: NUTCRACKERS! $7 later, I am covered! And is it me, or do all of these nutcrackers start looking the same after awhile? Not much of a variety of them, is there?

So after questioning myself one too many times about whether or not he already has this one, I took it upon myself to make sure he didn't: hence,the

a little bit of shells, a palm tree, a crab and some pretend-it-is-seaweed moss...
a surf board, tied-dyed beach towel, and a  few other little tidbits...
...and the end result -  this  pretty cool surfer nutcracker!
I'm not a nutcracker collector, but maybe this is my craft fair / Christmas boutique calling for next year!

Hope that spoiled little cousin of mine likes it! I am betting he will!

...and another little cheapo transformation - I got these little girls for 90% off last year in February and dolled them up with the initials of my girls and my nieces -- sewed them together at the hands and added a few scarves -- worth every penny spent!