Sunday, November 15, 2009

matter the most monday...

what matters the most to me this monday?
a well spent weekend...

a first time trip to the LA Getty Museum

 a much needed night out with some girlfriends

a Sunday morning hike with my husband and woah! am i NOT a hiker -- look at that gorgeous scenery behind me - how can i complain right?  but i was like an annoying child :
" is this over yet?
 are we there yet?
  are we done yet?
am i dead yet? "
wow is it a lot of work - give me a marathon over hiking any day please!
so the smile below is a bit fake. i  was dying!
that's at the top  -- see the water?
we went all the way down to the beach and then right back up.
n e v e r  a g a i n.

i've got family Christmas photos checked off the list thanks to my fab photographer friend Becca,
and three very cooperative little girls!
those fancy dresses bring out the best (behavior) in the twins!

izzy's first introduction to the beach - crawling in the sand and eating quite a few handfuls as well!
she couldn't quite catch the seagulls but sure gave it a good effort

the girls being able to be beach bums on a beautiful november beach day...

and a peaceful way to end my busy well spent weekend --

a sunset nap on the beach with my baby
snuggled in my arms...sigh.
what a blessing.

remember to make the little things matter the most!
happy monday


  1. I love all the pictures, but especially the one of you and Izzy napping on the beach! You just can't beat that, particularly in the middle of November!!

  2. That last picture is so precious

  3. Happy Monday!
    Sounds like you need a vacation from the weekend!
    Great photos!!

  4. We don't have childred yet, but that last photo gives me something to look forward to for sure!


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