Monday, March 22, 2010

painting eggs...

Through the many crafty blog parties that I am obsessed with each week, I came across these painted eggs using the cheapo plastic eggs that we all have in our Easter bins.
With eggs, a blue and white paint mixture, and some brown and white paint for splattering,  I went to work...

the result -- a pottery barn knock-off. These are PB's pricey eggs above...
These are my cheapies below...

Not Bad?

Find a nest....
(this is a large crow's nest that a neighbor found and gave to me!)

And you've got a cute birds nest with eggs...

Next step -Acquire the patience to borrow yet another idea from PB and stamp the names on the 2nd batch of eggs that I created here at my mom's to add to each of the kids' Easter baskets.


  1. Those are SO cute and crafty!!! I am totally going to try that with my daughter!!! Thanks for sharing your idea!

  2. Your painted eggs turned out great! I love the splattered effect you added. I have tons of those plastic eggs so I may have to give this a try.

  3. I never thought about using plastic eggs! We had the egg hunt at my house last year & I have GOBS! Great idea!

  4. WOW!! And I'm loving the new header too. You're a crafty genius.

  5. Those are great. What a good use of those old plastic eggs!!!! I did something along those lines as well, but with wooden eggs, and used them as a teaching tool for my Munchkin.

  6. Wow I'm impressed with your painting skills. I would never have that much patience, so creative.

  7. great job with the eggs. It all looks fabulous.


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