Monday, March 1, 2010

17 days later...

i can stop wondering now. wondering what she looks like, what her baby skin smells like, how tiny her little toes are, how soft that baby skin is -- WE, the girls and I, FINALLY met the newest baby girl in our family -
 K y r a
OOOOOOh, is she a cute little thing.
Her initials are KLT so I decided early on that i am going to call her BLT so I found myself calling her bacon lettuce and tomato when we first started gabbing. no one can say that's not unique.

 so me and the little BLT got to know one another on sunday...
and the girls were excited to smother her
with more hugs and lovin'...

look at those eyes.
yep, just one more little girl for me to spoil.
glad to meet you BLT.
you're a keeper!


  1. What a beautiful little darling! I'm sure she is a keeper!!! The other two girls are yours? They are little beauties, too.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and for the sweet comment that you left for me.
    I am going to go check out more of yours now.
    Hugs, cindy s

  2. Jen, it's so fun to see your pics of meeting Kyra. Izzy really was interested in her, huh? Can't wait to see more pics. Phil

  3. Oh my goodness! What a cutie. All the pictures are great but those last two pictures are adorable!!

  4. Oh, she is SO precious! It's hard to believe that we were both just doing that 1 year ago! They grow too fast!
    Beautiful pictures and collages :)

  5. what a beautie. I bet her head smells good too. You know the smell I am talking about!

  6. baby smells and rolls are the bomb. wish i had some around here, too.

  7. Can't get enough of baby girls!

  8. OMGoodness, what a beautiful baby! I forget how new babies just melt the heart.


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