Wednesday, March 24, 2010

lovin' the search for the happies...

In the hour that I had to pack to get to Illinois earlier this month, and which I swear I did with my eyes closed because we have nothing of what we need, I forgot to grab my HAPPINESS PROJECT book. But if I am remembering correctly, I got anxious in February and read ahead to March (each chapter is assigned to a month). The March chapter applied to work and your work attitude and atmosphere. Well, as a Stay-at-home-mom, there is a change in that atmosphere hour by hour and attitude - well, it's just questionable all the time with a house of 4 I didn't take that chapter to heart too much.
BUT I am still constantly searching the little "happies" in life that I might have left unnoticed before really concentrating on the search.

When I come to my parents house, after saying hellos, I always do a tour of the house. Usually to see what has changed because my dad is one who loves projects - if a room looks one way this month, I guarantee you, next year at this time, it's going to look entirely different. I guess I inherited that gene from him. Looking for change, yes, but I am also looking for the constants that make their home my old home.

Here are just a few of the "happies" I love in their house...
a living room chair that has seen many different fabrics, this one being my absolute favorite...

and seeing Maddie enjoy it as her reading chair.

these little jars that sit by the kitchen window that I gave to my mom one year.

a sculpture of my mom and dad running made by a well known local artist who has since passed away.
My parents used to be avid runners, and when my dad had the roof replaced years ago, the artist used the leftover copper to design this sculpture. How's THAT for a conversation piece?

a family picture of my sister and I with my parents, from 2006, and when I first learned how to use the "cloning tool" on photoshop. There isn't a wrinkle to be found on our faces -- we could all pass for 20-something in this picture, RIGHT???  (FYI-I've learned to accept the wrinkles now -it's inevitable!)

the chalkboard that is now 15 years old, on which all granddaughters have played teacher and written their ABC's --Izzy of course will do so in the future.

my mom's willingness to make room for me to hang the girls' clothes during our visits despite her large clothes collection which takes up three closets.

a breast cancer sticker that remains on her bathroom mirror
 from a 5k Race that my mom and I ran together in Chicago in 1999.

one shelf of knick-knacky trinkets from my mom's childhood and my own that is now in what used to be my bedroom. cabbage patch kids, baby blocks, pez dispenser -- all makes me smile!
after 20+ years of running, my dad's bib from running his first marathon in Chicago in 1999
 I remember the day like it was yesterday!

All is probably meaningless to a stranger who enters there home, but to me, they are memories.

Have a Happy Day!


  1. That chair is gorgeous!!! I love it!

  2. I love that chalk board! Your mom and dad really are great sports for being host & hostess for so long--will you guys be welcome back after this stint? :) And I don't know how you managed to remember anything at all while packing for 4 on such short notice!

  3. It is comforting and reassuring to see those things back "home" that have a history to us. Enjoy your time there, but then it sounds like you are.

  4. What a good idea, to document some of your favorite things in your parents home. It's kind of like stopping to smell the roses! :)


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