Friday, March 12, 2010

the good with the sad...

It has been nice in the last week to be surrounded with family. My grandma was one of two sisters, herself, Alice, and her sister Joyce. My grandma had two daughters (that's my Aunt Connie and my mom Cathy on the left); Joyce had SIX boys. The number of cousins we now have in Georgia, even my Aunt Joyce couldn't give me a total number. They all live in Georgia and we just don't see them often enough. Four of the 6 boys came up for the funeral and of course Aunt Joyce and 2 of her grandsons.

my mom with her aunt and 4 cousins.

Following the funeral, we did what we all do best - spent time together laughing and eating.
It felt good to smile.

we played a bit of football...

...and we did some bike riding.

we listened to funny family stories...

...and the newer cousins met the older cousins
(and this gorgeous guy was only 1 1/2 when I last saw him! - he's now 19)

...and we smiled for a family photo once again...

..and we said our goodbyes once again
 as they headed back to Georgia.

 until we all meet again ...


  1. Are you still in Illinois? So sorry to hear for your loss - it always seems like that family time afterwards is so helpful though. Lots of tears, but also lots of laughter and memories.

  2. Jen-
    Definitely the silver lining in the loss of your grandma...all the family time you wouldn't have had otherwise. So very important!

  3. I have not traveled this road yet ... but when I do, our family will laugh, cry, play and eat as yours did ... we will meet again on that beautiful shore ... bless you friend


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