Monday, March 15, 2010

Soon to be treasures...

With the passing of my grandma comes the clearing out of my grandparents' house. This process brings my mom to tears - literally, every time we enter the house - not for the sadness of it she claims but the feeling of being so overwhelmed with all the stuff and what to do with it. I am trying to be of some help while I am here but I will admit, I am sorting through things right now finding what keepsakes I would like to keep and ship back to California. I happen to be the sentimental one of the four of us females (my mom, aunt and sister). Right now I can't get past the basement where a lot of the older keepsakes have been sitting. My grandpa's work bench kept my attention for at least 2 hours yesterday afternoon. What I'd really like to take back is this...
I know, I know, most of youy probably just see junk. I see a handmade workbench/table that my Grandpa made and transferred from one house to another. I see a redone craft table and blue spray paint or maybe white with some glaze to age it a bit - or maybe keeping it the light bluish green color that it is with the paint splatters and all.
However, sadly, with a big frown, I might as well stop "seeing" anything because I live too far away and can't have it. Any Illinois friends want to come and take this apart and make wonders out of it...
or how about this...

Story is when my Grandpa opened his flooring business back in the 40's, this was in the building and he brought it home for the basement. Again, craft storage, paint, keep the glass knobs...remove the doors for open storage....
hmmmmmmmmmmm...wishful thinking.
Any Illinois takers?
I just love it!

Am I the only one who sees potential in these pieces?
My mom just looks at me like I have reached insanity.
I see functional. potential. sentimental keepsake.

surely these have some craftin' value for some unknown project in my future...
 and these flowers were in a paper bag with only 4 in the bag - I convinced myself that Grandpa just left those there waiting for me to find them.
there's a coat hanger shelf thingamagig in the making with all of these hooks...
my favorite simple little find of the cute is this?
and oh how I wonder the story behind this.

and this tall treasure is coming home with me somehow -- weather I ship it or saw it down to fit in my suitcase, I can see some type of picture holder with ribbon or wire in this piece...
So there's my rescued trash waiting to be treasured!
(Annie, I think you need these workbenches out at your house!)

Happy Day Everyone!


  1. That stuff is wonderful I love the flower knobs!! I wish I lived close so I could take that furniture off your hands..but sadly I live too far away too!

  2. Can you break down the workbench and send it back to Cali in pieces, and then we could rebuild it?

  3. I know it's difficult to see those treasures and know that they have to stay behind. I see the same beauty in the workbench and cabinet that you do.
    You found some great little treasures to take home and once you make projects with them they will become wonderful keepsakes of your grandparents.

  4. Hmm...Jen where is this at in Illinois? My hubs would kill me but it's tempting? Sally

  5. Oh how I wish I lived in IL to claim all these wonderful gems. You are not insane for cherishing every bit. I know your gpa left those sweet stars for you, Jen.

  6. ok lady - you wrote this post just for me I think! I would LOVE any of these pieces - email me Jade & I are actually doing a date Saturday around 4 - so we could be up there by 5. Send me a price - I think the workbench could be an amazing island! I know if I can't find a place in my house or craft room - my sisters or Mom would adore them too!

  7. Hi! I am new to your blog and to the whole wonderful world of reclaimed treasures. I think it's so sweet of your to think of offering your grandparent's items to others. If these pieces of your Grandpa's workshop are still available, I am interested in them! They are beautiful! What part of Illinois is it located?? I am in the Chicagoland area and we have trucks, so transporting them won't be a problem! Please email me at: with prices and more information. Thanks so much, Val

    Thanks so much!

  8. Ooooh, I see the treasures behind all that dust. Glad you were able to keep some!

  9. I keep coming back today and admiring your stash! Seriously email me - very interested! PS - I'd keep that workbench as is if it comes home with me! I love old paint & splatters! Wouldn't it be an amazing console for a flat screen TV too?!? Oh - and my sister is dying over the big cabinet - she wants it for her future kitchen - she's building - she has other old big cabinets (an amazing black & turquoise one) she's using instead of buying actual cabinets. However, I'd like to keep it too for my play room for storage - cant' get over the pieces I love them & ur grandpa for keeping them! Someone definitely needs them - they are prizes!

  10. Hi! I'm back. I checked my email to see if you responded, so then I thought I would check back here to see if the cabinet and workbench are still available??!!! PLEASE EMAIL...I WOULD LOVE TO DISCUSS THE POSSIBILITY OF PURCHASING THESE GREAT ITEMS! :)
    Thanks and I can't wait to hear back from you! :)

  11. Wow, such great finds. I think that it's great you can turn something of your grandmothers into something functional in your home or life!
    Can't wait to see all your craftiness :)

  12. I can relate, Jen. I'm still hoarding lots of the treasures, or even junk, that my dad wrote or touched in some way, and my mom, when she was more lucid, used or created. I still haven't taken down the tool rack that my dad put up in their condo garage, even though it's up for sale. Phil


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