Thursday, March 11, 2010

a long week....

It's been a week full of family, friends, emotions, food, hugs, visitors, sympathy cards, sorting through old pictures, food, laughter reminiscing over family memories, and food.
Did I mention food?
Holy food. 
Wherever the tradition began of bringing food to comfort those who have lost a loved one, 
it's a very appreciated tradition in our family this week. 
I have never eaten such a variety of foods in six days in my entire life. 

I've missed my blogging but it's been a nice week well spent with family members and 
sending my Grandma on her "Flight Home." 

In all of the sadness of the week, I felt such pride for my cousin William, while looking
through his pictures from his service in Iraq. His father was visiting here from Georgia and was surprised
to find the pictures still on the camera.
I can happily report that William is now home
safe and sound
but will soon deploy again for Afghanistan.

and found great humor in this picture that he took as well...
Glad to see they're still able to keep a sense of humor over there!

Have a great rest of the week....


  1. I know how much you enjoy being "home" with your family. So glad you had that time. Welcome back and safe journey to your cousin. What a hero!

  2. Sorry for the sadness that brought you together with your family, but glad you were able to be together and comfort each other.

  3. You have had a long week. You and your family are very loved to have so many thinking of you and showering your with food! Comfort food is always the best :)


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