Wednesday, March 3, 2010

happiness in a messy counter...

I'm still loving my Happiness Project book.
I'm trying to read each chapter in the month that it is supposed to be read, but honestly, it's really difficult to stop reading - it's one of those that you really just want to keep on reading and reading.
So kudos to the author for writing such a great book!
I found a simple picture in my picture files and decided there's a lot of little things in my kitchen that create happiness.
simple things, but happy things.
now don't get distracted by that messy counter - that's a different story, so back to the "happy".

have a happy day!


  1. glass of wine and new jeans! I'd be happy too :)

    My happy for today is having my new k-cup coffee flavor - cinnamon bun, sooo yummy.

  2. You can add "good hair day" to your list too!

  3. awww a lot of "Greats!" i'd agree on it all as well except i'm NOT in a pair of jeans in a size i'm ok/happy with.. :( ma'am... *sigh* i want to lose all the baby weight and then some before Shelby's a year old (which we leave on a family cruise and she's goin with june 20th and she'll be a year and 8 days old so i've ALSO got that incentive especially if i plan on swimming AT ALL! b/c right now, NO WAY IN HECK I'M GETTIN N A SWIMSUIT UNLESS IT'S A MOO MOO!)

  4. Now that's what I call perspective! Today I needed the happy perspective, so thanks for that!

  5. This really made me think differently about my day! Thanks for posting such an upbeat message ;)

  6. Love this picture Jen. You call that a messy counter? Come to my house and you'll think your house is clean. But I'm "happy" with my messiness :)

  7. Love your happiness! I need to get that book!!!
    I want a size that I'm happy about...I always want it to be smaller ;)

  8. I love everything about it. Especially your smile. :)


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