Tuesday, March 23, 2010

An extra long unexpected visit...

We have now been in Illinois for a total of TWENTY days. Before making the changes to the trip in order to be here for my Grandma, we were going to be here for three weeks. Well, now we are here for over thirty-some days. Whew! Lemme tell you, it's hard to be a guest that long and it's hard to host someone that long, EVEN when it is your own mother and father that is doing the hosting. There are eggshells to be walked on and there is exhaustion on both sides. My children upped their whining ever since arriving and my baby just prefers me, no one else -- all these welcoming arms waiting to snuggle with her and she just. wants. me. the picture below shows my view of her most of the time. I've learned how to walk with her hanging on to a leg. I painted an armoire today with green paint while holding her on my knee in one hand and dripping green paint all over the armoire, me and the baby with the other hand.

But I must say, I am enjoying the time to "just be", and not be rushed and not counting the days until we go home again. I feel like we live here for the time being. The clothes are out of suitcases into the drawers, the kitchen is stocked with baby food and way too many sweet treats for the girls. The girls have a set of scooters and bikes here, just as they do at home.
I like it.
It's nice to be here.

I've been enjoying the sights a bit more, especially the old homes on the "west end" as we call it here and love the character of each home and the vibrant blue color of so many of them.

And I've been reminded of my own high school days as I spend time with my niece who is a freshman and oh so in love with her new boyfriend. To be young again.
And the twins decided to teach themselves how to ride their bikes and within minutes, they succeeded.
Training wheels -- into the trash can!

I'm home.
and thankful.


  1. it is nice to "go home". I know the feeling...although I only live 30 minutes away from my mom. ha!

  2. Wow, 21 days! That is a LONG time to not be home, your time, your routines, your stuff.
    I do have to say as bothersome as little ones at your legs can be, those days pass soo fast!! That is such a precious little one to be looking down at though ;)

  3. It sounds like you are really enjoying your time at home and you have gotten into the rhythm of life there. Enjoy.

  4. I love that picture of your Dad and Mia riding bikes! So cute! Sounds like you guys are enjoying yourselves.

  5. that picture of your baby "helping" you paint - oh sooooo precious!!

  6. Your parents house is adorable! I keep thinking about you because I've been in your area twice lately! I sometimes wish I lived closer to Decatur - gotta love Target & TJ Maxx!


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