Sunday, March 21, 2010

our birthday girls...

1, 825 days 
of pure joy, unconditional love, and giggles.

of living with two twin girls named Mia and Maddie.
Our little ones are 5 on Monday.
March 22nd.
 It's such a monumental age -
 the baby stage is way gone,
the toddler stage now over,
the preschoolers soon behind us,
and now...the kindergartners will soon arrive.
I specifically remember the excitement of creating this picture to send out on a mass email announcing our news. I was just 5 weeks pregnant when our first ultrasound showed us not one, but two babies on the way. We were leaving for Costa Rica the next day and my doctor ordered that I not go. Well, I went anyway. I knew that he was afraid of miscarriage, but I thought if it's going to happen, it's going to happen. And in reality, I knew with twins on the way, I would not see any type of vacation in the near future -- 5 years later I am correct on the assumption (although we are taking our first family trip here in a few weeks!)
So no one, not even my protective doctor, could take that Costa Rica trip away from me.

Those of you that are thinking I am nuts for ignoring those orders, let me get off track here and show you THIS is where I got to take my daily baths...
and THIS is the view I had from our rainforest cabin while I rested and read on the bed while everyone else went hiking.
It was a relaxing and peaceful trip and all went well.

Back to these twins of mine...

I went from being presentably-pregnant

to "take me to a park in a wheelchair so I can at least see the outdoors" pregnant.

78 pounds people!!!
these little ones added a whopping 78 extra pounds to my body.
ok, so I did more than my fair share of eating for three, but I was quite big!

Well worth the 78 pounds and discomfort because I soon had these beauties in my hands...

We went in to the surgery all prepared to bring home our Cooper and Caden, our twin boys, but here came two little girls. We didn't find out ahead of time what the babies were, but we always assumed that since I was a tomboy and my sister had already had three girls, that somehow I would be the mother of boys.

But how blessed to have two little girls.

Our Sweet "Moo-Moos" and "Meezee-Peezee"
We have loved every day with you and look forward to the next 5

...and the next

...and the next.
...and so on...


  1. Love your post! Those 2 beauties are priceless! Happy B-day girls!

  2. I would have gone on that trip too, it looked amazing. You have 2 cutie patooties. I love the hat and scarf pics. Happy Birthday to your girls!

  3. Happy Birthday to two GORGEOUS little girls! Great job Mommy - you sound like you have truly enjoyed every moment with your blessings! They are such miracles!

  4. I feel you - I put on 66 pounds with one! I have thankfully lost it all :) How sweet were they & 5 - wow! My baby girl will be 5 this year too and it blows my mind! I would have went to Costa Rica too! My doctor forbid me when I was 4 days overdue with Everett to go to Springfield for Aubrie's eye exam (my Dr. was in Mattoon), but I did it anyway - I figured I'll be near a hospital if something were to happen & luckily it did not :) I can't wait to meet you sometime this week & bring home that work bench!

  5. They are so gorgeous! At all stages of life! What wonderful blessings!

  6. Happy Birthday Mia & Maddie!!!

  7. What a sweet post! I love your comments about loving being pregnant to "get this baby out" attitude. I think we all felt like that but I can't imagine it with twins!!
    What a blessing to have such beautiful, healthy girls!
    Happy Birthday!


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