Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Grandma, our GG, made her journey to Heaven Saturday morning. It was not an easy last few days for her before she died so I am so relieved that she is at peace now and as Maddie says, sliding down the slides on the clouds up there in Heaven. During the past week, we all took turns sitting with her at the nursing home. The nurse says the hearing is the last to go so we kept talking to her and reassuring her that we were there and that it was ok to go now. She struggled on and on. There were trips to see her in the middle of the night as the nurses would call and say they thought it was time. But wouldn't you know it, she passed away when not one of us was there. My uncle had gone home for a short time to eat and she passed away while a few of the nurses were with her. So maybe all week she was just waiting for all of us to leave her and to spare us from having the hurt of losing her. She was a stubborn lady so if she was in charge, I think that's what she wantd. She died on Isabella's first birthday which we were all hoping would not be the case, but a friend's message on facebook (hi Leslie) gave me comfort. She stated it was a great gift on her birthday because she is now Izzy's angel. So that is how I am going to look at it. We went ahead and celebrated Izzy's birthday last night as we know she would have said "go about your day" as she often did. I couldn't help but imagine my Grandma's smile last night as Izzy just devoured her birthday cake. She would have gotten the biggest kick out of watching her clap icing all over and just soak up the attention.
GG was in Heaven watching and Izzy was in
Heaven on Earth as she enjoyed her cake.


  1. Oh Jen Sweetie...
    I will be praying for you and your dear family sweetie. It is always so hard to let go of the ones we love, even though we do not want to see them suffer anymore. Yes she is Izzy's own little angel, and you know she couldn't be in better hands than that.

    I reeived a call early this morning that my 54 year old SIL had a massive heart attack last night and passed away. We too are saddened by this news.

    I will share with you what I believe Jen. I believe that when we pass away, and we arrive to heaven, we each hang out a star in the heavens above for all to see. That is why the skies are so full of them. When tonight comes, walk outside and look into the skies. The first star that you see twinkling it will by your dear GG. She will be telling you she has arrived and that all is well. She will always be right there every night for you to talk to sweetie. She hasn't passed away, she has just moved. I hope you find some comfort in this, I always do knowing they are just a twinkle away.

    I adore the picture of Izzy, I would say she had a wonderful time for sure. So precious sweetie. Country hugs and much love, Sherry

  2. So Sorry, I'll have you and your family in my thoughts and prayers this week. I also believe that her day to leave this life was a sure sign that she will be Izzy's angel watching over her:)

  3. I am so sorry for your loss. What a wonderful way to remember her, as Izzy's angel. A twinkling star in the heavens. Right now she's walking with Jesus. How wonderful that is. You will see her again. I have an Aunt that is waiting to change worlds. She's so excited for this as she's tired in this world and wants freedom from her illnesses. She's anxious to see those who have gone before her. What courage. You will be in my prayers. Pat

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about your grandma's passing, but happy to hear she is at peace and watching over your sweet Izzy. Praying for comfort for your family. XOXO

  5. It saddened me to read about your GG's passing but I have a wonderful visual of her sliding down the clouds in heaven.
    Happy Birthday to your sweet Izzy. She will always have a wonderful way to remember her GG.

  6. SO sorry to hear about your grandmother. I think the song you have is beautiful and so fitting for an angel. Happy Birthday to your little one. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!

  7. what a blessing to celebrate your baby turning one on what would be just a sad day...

  8. oh jen- you make me cry! i'm so glad you found some comfort.
    after seeing the picture of sweet izzy and her birthday cake, it made me cry even more knowing that your GG was able to see and celebrate that with your family too! for if she hadn't passed that morning, she never would have been able to celebrate with izzy. she will now be with you and your girls forever!


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