Saturday, March 13, 2010

goodbye birdies...

I love change. I've never been too afraid of change. I always say the anticipation of change is worse than the actual process of change. make sense? i get teased often by anyone who enters my house because change is evident pretty much on a weekly basis in my house. I suffer from some type of obsessive redecorating syndrome. It's constant. The couches move places, the tables are in different corners, something might be blue one week and painted yellow the next - and don't even get me started on pillow covers. BUT I tell my husband that it keeps me from shopping in stores, because yes, if he told me I could go to Pottery Barn to redecorate the house,
I'd be there waiting for the doors to open!

So next on the change list is the twins' bedroom. We've put away the linens for Izzy to use next and the girls  have "grown up" a bit and claim they are too big for the birds on their wall. Ok, so I like most change, but when it has to do with the girls growing up and growing out of things, that tugs at my heart a bit.
When we return to California from Illinois, the birdy wall that we painted to match their Pottery Barn kids linens and quilt is getting a makeover.
I had lots of help from Carol, an artistic family friend, in painting the tree on the wall and thank goodness for several sentimental pictures that I have to save for memory sake. Prego pictures and Izzy's newborn pictures.

I have been focused on this idea (from Spearmint Baby) for several months now
I've been collecting the letters from stores, garage sales and thrift stores. I've found cloth letters at tjmaxx for 50 cents and paintable new ones from crafts stores for $1. It's been fun putting together the hodge podge collection. I intend to add a few extras - such as butterflies by the B and a big vintage pink cat that I found at a thrift store next to the letter C - extras that just add to the whimsical look of it all.
Blue paint and the ABC's are really all we will need -- and time, kid-free time to get the painting completed.

Here are two cheapo gems that I found at tjmaxx...
always the best part! what a sale!

I turned those above into these below...
I can't wait to finish this project and better do so soon while the girls are still focusing on learning the alphabet and not algebra!

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  1. Oh, I think I might be sad to see the tree go too! We just painted over my son's room. He had huge dinosaurs painted on the walls from a favorite children's book. I am a little embarrassed to say that we made him live in that room 3 years too long, he turned 10 in December. He never really said anything about it until he turned 10 and said that it was time for them to go. It really left my heart feeling sad about where the time has gone. He isn't my little boy anymore and he isn't interested in dinosaurs as much. I guess we really can't keep them little forever, but in our hearts.

    Can't wait to see what the girl's room looks like!

  2. I suffer from the same syndrome. LOL. I claim it's because I was a military child & am a military wife & things are ALWAYS changing. I love what you're doing with that wall. You gotta love deals at TJ Maxx!!! Wow, you really scored.

  3. Ohh I think the new wall will be so fun!! I can't wait too see the whole thing one you find the time and letters :) It's going to be fabulous!

  4. I totally love the tree on the wall, and those two letter hangers are wonderful. I do love the alphabet on the wall, I can't wait to see how you create it too!

  5. love the hooks on the letters. maybe you can hang the necklace you made from your GG's pins on one.
    Happy Decorating!

  6. I love that alphabet wall, what a great idea! Are you close to getting a A-Z complete set yet? And 50 cents for those letter hat hangers? Amazing!

  7. shut the door... those are adorable. Love your inspiration picture too. Well done, girl!

  8. I love the birds, too but the alphabet is going to be so cool. I am only about 6 letters into mine...some day though. And 50 cent letters..that's what I'm talking about!

  9. great minds think alike - so funny, never seen anyone else do this before. of course i think the idea is grand because i have it up in my playroom! lol! have fun!!!

  10. What a great idea! I love how each letter is different! I'm too lazy to actually do it but I would definitely pay someone to come over & do it for me! Hah! I’ve got a MckLinky party called Tot Tuesdays which started today. I hope you'll stop by & share:


  11. You made these SOOOOO cute! Way to go!


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