Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wanna Sew? or Bake?

When you don't have time to sit in the house and sort through the drawers, you bring the drawers home with you!
You pour out the contents and use your best organization skills to make this mess into this clean mess:
with a little help from my usual assitant of course...

Just one pair of pinking shears, please? no such luck.

Perhaps sewing bores you to tears, we can bake cakes with vintage cake toppers instead! anyone?
And the item I will treasure the most, the last thing I found while hunting through her cake-baking collection, the handwritten buttercream frosting recipe, lying there on the floor, just waiting for me to find it and keep it. I would be rich if I had a dollar for each time I called her over the years for this specific recipe. I couldn't keep track of my own when I would copy it down, so I'd call her again the next time. Now I have my own copy, and in her handwriting - the best treasure of the day!!

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  1. Those buttons are gorgeous. I love finding things to do with buttons.
    What a neat treasure to find her recipe! That would cute to frame in your kitchen :)

  2. I love all of your treasures. But, the handwritten recipe... definitely the best. :) I love Tawny's idea for framing. YES!

  3. THe last comment was from me... Sorry about that. I was signed in under the Mister's name. Rookie move... Going to get more coffee.... NOW!

  4. What fun stuff! Love the buttons. Also, can remember having the ballerina candle holder on my cake as a child! So fun~!

  5. You found some great stuff!I love all the old cupcake toppers, so cool and that recipe is a real treasure!


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