Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Special Day Tuesday...

It's a significant day today --

my lovebug of a dog, Java, turns EIGHT today - I remember when we went to look at the litter and of course they were all adorable -- and I said to Jason, just my fiance at the time, " we are not getting a dog!"  We then passed a coffee shop called Hot Java and I followed that comment with "...But if we do, we are naming her Java." We were dog owners by January. She's just another member of the family - can't really remember what it was like not having her with us and love having her company and snuggles...
So Happy BIRTHDAY Java Lulu!

...and my sister-in-law, equally as lovely, is the BIG 30 today! I can't believe how time has passed. The very first Christmas that Jason and I shared together, he was flying to Vegas from Chicago to celebrate her 21st birthday. Wasn't that just a couple of years ago? ? ? Her brother is 7 1/2 years older than his sister so she was always the "little sister." Now married, and with 30 to her name and her first baby arriving in February, she seems to have caught up with us and isn't such the little sister anymore...


and last but not least...
my husband is
spending the day with a bag of peas!

and WHY I feel I can just share his vasectomy with the whole world, I am not sure but it's been the topic of conversation in our house all month. To me, it's a bit of reality and sadness digesting that we are indeed done having more children. I would definitely have another child if he was on board, but more importantly, if the finances were on board. But we are soooooooooo extremely blessed with our three daughters -- the first two, the twins, Mia and Maddie, giving us a real battle and long road to actually accomplishing pregnancy, and our last, Izzy, surprising us out of nowhere with no medical assistance whatsoever.

So I am ok with the day of peas and it was mututally agreed upon. Although he's ok with the purpose of it, he is anticipating  procedure to be something like the two c-sections that I had. Do I even need to go there? I am just going to bite my lip all day and give him the babying and love that he needs. It's just another chapter in our lives. 

And after panicking while midway through this post, about whether or not I even have a bag of frozen peas, I just discovered that it might be a day spent with green beans instead! Cold is cold, right?


  1. Happy birthday to Java and your SIL!!
    I had to laugh when I read about your husband anticipating the vasectomy to be something like your c-sections....I can totally relate to that one!!
    Happy Holidays.

  2. dogs are just the best! I can't imagine my life with out my sweet little doggy!

  3. That just really made me laugh, hope Jason doesn't mind you putting his business out there... : )! Good luck to him (and you)!

  4. Thanks for the Birthday wishes today!! And happy Birthday to Miss Java Lulu; the sweetest puppy ever!! And as for my brother, he continues to crack me up with this vasectomy! I wouldn't worry about posting the news on your blog - he was telling me last night that he was strongly thinking about posting it on Facebook because he thought it would be funny!!! As a supportive sister, we're talking about a man who can barely get his finger pricked to have blood drawn, so I guess this procedure is asking a lot of him, guts-wise. But given the fact that you've had 2 c-sections and I'm giving birth in 2 months, SUCK IT UP JAY!!!

  5. I wouldn't worry about telling the world about Jay either, since he told everyone on Saturday night at Jackie's dinner and showed us his underwear purchase for post-op.

  6. oh know -- lord help the boy

  7. I LOVE the idea of donating towels and blankets to animal shelters! That is such a simple and great thing to do!

  8. I heavily and highly doubt that a vasectomy is ANYTHING like the hell I endured for my c-section. Hell, I tell you! I hope you guys have a wonderful holiday with all of your beautiful crafts and decorations! You really are so talented! Merry Christmas!

  9. Happy bday to your adorable dog and lovely sister-in-law. And happy vasectomy to your hubby. My hubby had one too, not too long ago. It was much less awful than I thought it might be. The bag of peas was really the worst of it. I was a liitle sad too, cuz I had hoped for the possibility of another baby, but he wasn't on board either. And we have 2 wonderful boys that bring joy and insanity to my life each day:) Just found your awesome bloggy on If Evolution Really Works. I'm following you now! Can't wait to read more. Merry Christmas and come visit me sometime if you want! Here is my address:



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