Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Balboa Island ...

Want to take a tour of one of the best light displays around?

Clark Griswold would be in heaven in this neighborhood! It's a popular attraction in this area and definitely a must-see!

  • this house has a carousel of the reindeers on it's roof -it's of course all lit and rotates - complete with Rudolph and his red nose leading the pack!

and directly across from their house is their equally festive boat dock!

...and as you are walking, your "everyday" Christmas boat just passes by...

love the penguins at this house and snow mounds
this is the entrance to someone's house - this is a REAL tree that has had the back cut off of it and is then hanging above their front door -- gorgeous or what???

and isn't every boat house turned into a Gingerbread House for Christmas? the girls wanted to enter it, but there is a sign that says "elves only."  We took that as do not enter.

surfer style house!

A rotating tree and a snow machine made this house attract a crowd in front

and our happy little troop enjoyed their evening!
i think i'll add a few strands of lights to my "after Christmas sale" shopping, especially
since Maddie informed me that our "gold lights are boring"
I have a long way to go to matching up to these neighbors but it's great motivation!



  1. GORGEOUS! I think I'll take the kids tonight. Thanks for posting...I had no idea there was such a light show there.

  2. we were there too. did you get to see the reall snow man? ahhh balboa lights.. we look forward to it all year.


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