Saturday, December 19, 2009

Tastes of Christmas...

A Little Taste of  Christmas for Izzy... 
You know the season is in full effect when Trader Joe's get their seasonal Peppermint Joes Cookies in stock! Imagine an Oreo with the scrumptious white middle but add some crushed candy cane to the white part - Y U M M Y! and  because I didn't want Izzy to miss out,
she experienced her first Peppermint Joe
...and begged for quite a few more!

Now how can I tell that blue-eyed baby  NO?

And for myself, a favorite of this season and one that is NEW to me since moving out west,
FRESH ORANGES straight from the tree!

A family friend brings these to me weekly while they are in season - a big 'ol bag of them and my mouth
waters the minute I see them. So tradition has become for me to make fresh OJ on the weekends. This morning was our first fresh batch ...with a bit of EGG NOG FRENCH TOAST

The girls have become pros at using the juicer - now if I could just get them equally excited to drink the jucie!

And another little reassurance that the season has arrived - the arrival
of a tasty box of Cheryl's Cookies from Cheryl & Co.
My childhood best friend and my twins' Godmother has treated us to these for the past couple of years.They are the softest most melt-in-your-mouth cookies you've ever tasted! And I 'm known to hide a few before they are all eaten by the kiddos.
(Thanks Kate if you are reading  - these are such a "sweet" surprise and just plain dee-lish!)

So with my peppermint joes, fresh OJ and Chery'ls cookie in hand,
I am pretty certain there truly is a SANTA!
I'm off to go gain a few pounds!

Happy WEEKEND everyone!
...and last minute shopping too!


  1. Wow, my Raisin Bran breakfast today was not nearly as exciting as your homemade delights! And could Izzy be any cuter!!??!!

  2. What time should I be over? Those treats all sound so yummy!

  3. Before I discovered I couldn't eat gluten anymore, I loved those Cheryl and Co. cookies. So delicious!! They really do melt in your mouth!! And I've never heard of eggnog toast! Yummy!

  4. Ooooh, those cookies look so good! Too bad I won't be around a Trader Joe's before the holidays. And no, you couldn't possibly say no to that beautiful little girl! ": ) And you know I am soo jealous of the fresh oranges--fresh oranges and lemons? I would be in heaven!

  5. We LOVE the peppermint Joe-Joe's. I bought 10 boxes this year. I send half of them to my family in Alabama where they have no TJs. Wow, your cookies pics are making me hungry! I haven't met a cookie I don't like.

  6. Ahh.... candy cane joe-joes. Wish they made those all year round. So fresh and yummy. Hard to eat just one! :) Love the dirty face picture.


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