Wednesday, December 2, 2009

our greatest garland yet...

linking in today with We ARE That Family to share my easy resourceful Christmas decoration idea using your childrens' artwork....visit the blog for gazillion tips and ideas shared by many bloggers...

i may need to rent a storage unit soon for all of the artwork and preschool projects that i have saved from my preschoolers -- with twins, i get twice the load and therefore, twice the amount to store. having been a former teacher, or maybe it's just being a mom in general, i  just find "cuteness" in everything they create -- whether it's how they wrote their letters, their names, the little stick figure people they create, - all of it, it just grabs me.
so this year, i decided to LET GO of controlling the Christmas decor and went with whatever my little preschoolers had in mind -- the girls were in charge and because of our little addition this year, who is now 9 months and is into everything (let me repeat - everything!), there are only  plastic or paper ornaments on the tree this year. as our garland for the tree, i grabbed an idea that i had previously created with some paper that they had painted last year - a garland of circles that i had made from their artwork and have displayed in front of my craft cabinet in the garage - i add on to it periodically. so staring at yet another pile of colored papers, artwork and numerous pages of the abc's practice, a lightbulb went off -- and thanks to a little inspiration from the Sis Bloom blog, we went to work...
and this....

became this...

now i realize my tree isn't going to win any decorating awards this year, but honestly,
 i think it's my favorite tree yet! Christmas is all about our girls now that they are in our lives so knowing they decorated the Christmas tree with such care and excitement, i couldn't imagine choosing any other tree!

happy decorating to you and yours!


  1. My tree isn't going to be in BHG anytime soon. But, you look at it and it will tell a story and shows all the love and goodness of your family! I think yours is colorful and sweet and shows LOVE which is the meaning behind it all,right? Great job. I love it. Nancy

  2. WOW! I love this idea. My kiddos would be so proud to have thier art displayed on our tree. I would much rather see this that any theme to a tree.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I think it's great! I dont have children, but I sure wouldn't mind if the kiddos we babysit wanted to color up my tree!


  5. I'm not a big fan of the perfect trees or the themed trees, although they are pretty. I like Christmas trees that are brimming with homemade ornaments! Those are the best because they embrace what is important about Christmas - family! I love your tree!

  6. Thank you for sharing - I think your tree is beautiful! My daughter started preschool this year and I love all the fun things she brings home. Maybe I could try this with a few of her things.


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