Monday, December 21, 2009

those lovely little things...

That Matter the MOST!

It's my Monday to reflect on those little things that really aren't so little...

...watching my girls practice writing their ABC's on every writeable surface available; their pride in themselves is so evident.

...Izzy-Belle taking her FIRST STEPS, three to be exact, this weekend and both Jason and  I were present to witness this - and she's just 9 months? woah - my world is about to change!

...the family and friend get-togethers that await us this week. the garage for the 208th time this year and recreating the garage playroom for the girls

...having time with my husband last night - ok, so we watched tv and got caught up on Friday Night Lights, but we were in the same room on the same couch - a rare occasion these days given the time commitment to the girls day and night.

...the opportunity to deliver toys to the shelter today - with the kids in tow - hopefully a valuable lesson will be absorbed by the twins.

...and these family pictures that i just can't stop looking at - i am so pleased with the smiles and giggles that shine in these pictures.

i am loving those little things. just little everyday happenings that i am grateful for. enjoy your monday!


  1. Your pictures and words brought tears of joy to my eyes today! This being my first Christmas as a Family of 3, I cannot imagine the joy my life will experience in the years to come. I feel so full of thankfulness and love for my Savior and King. We had our Christmas Music service last night (we don't have a big production, just sit on stage in a circle w/ those who want to sing and sing songs and some do specials and then the pastor reads the TRUE Christmas story from The Word of God) and my husband sang a beautiful song (he's our music minister) and it was called Joseph's Song and to hear the perspective of the King's earthly father was amazing and breath-taking and to know he feels the same way towards our baby girl puts me on my knees face-first before our Lord in humility and thankfulness. God has blessed us all so much and your family is beautiful and a true gift from Him! :)
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  2. It's official - I'm locking you and Becca in NOW to shoot our first family Christmas pictures with Kyra next year! These are so precious Jen! You and Jay and all your girls look so happy and smiley! I can easily see why you want to just keep looking at these over and over! Looking forward to seeing you guys later this week!

  3. Merry Christmas to all of you!!
    The girls are so pretty!!
    I enjoy seeing how they are growing!!

  4. Beautiful family. Beautiful photography.
    Merry Christmas to all!

  5. Beautiful photos of a beautiful family. Enjoy your holidays!

  6. These are amazing photos. They made me kinda tear up. Merry Christmas to your lovely family from ours.

  7. This is the most heart warming post. Your thoughtful words and the most amazing photos of a beautiful happy family. You are dear to share them with us. I can see why you can't stop looking at them. Amazing photography.
    Best wishes for Happy Holidays to you and your sweet family. ~ Sarah

  8. These pics are precious! I love how relaxed they are!

  9. Once again, you brought happy tears to my eyes. What a gorgeous family you have! Can you please tell me which shelter you donated to? Do they take gently used toys as well? Merry Christmas to you all!

    xoxo Susan

  10. You don't know how special it is to be appreciated for something you think you do terribly! Thanks for being a great friend to my crazy ass!


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