Monday, December 14, 2009

Brag Monday ...

Happy Monday all! We had such a nice visit with my mom being here and the girls are just so head over heels in love with their Nana. The visit was too short and the twins were in tears the morning that she left discovering that Nana wasn't in her bed. She quietly snuck out that morning for her flight so we could avoid the shower of tears that comes from all of us when we have to say goodbye. Maddie explained to me that she made a wish on our neighbors "wishing flower" (the puff ball that remains from a dandelion) that Nana would stay forever and the wish didn't come true. With the saddest eyes and her quivering lip she said, "Wishes are supposed to come true." With no clear explanation from my mouth, my own  shower of tears appeared and we just cried together with her little sad self in my arms. On to the next countdown of when we can all be together again...

...and back to my free therapy - my world of blogging!

Finally, I have figured out how to rig up my printer. We got rid of our wireless service when we switched to Direct TV and I miss my printer just about as much as I miss my mom! But I was able to print a few Christmasy things from one of my favorite blogs, The Graphics Fairy. I love to use little cherubs or angels that I can group in threes,  to represent my own three little ones. Using these Christmas graphics and the red banner graphic from The Graphics Fairy, I made this little tree. I also used an angel pin that was from my late Grandmother and a small star princess wand that the girls have had for a few years....with the promise that yes, I will give them their wand back after Christmas.

The girls then painted these wooden blocks - they were the old country ones that used to spell out "welcome" that I found at a garage sale, and then smothered them with glitter...

and we placed them under the tree...

and there's our little handmade tree!


  1. The little block presents are the perfect touch!

  2. A perfect little Christmas display, Petra.

  3. My son LOVES his grandma, too. And I love your creative tree and presents! Very cute, as always!

  4. Awww....that makes me want to cry, too. Glad you guys had such a nice visit, hope you weren't sick too much of the time your mom was there!

  5. Your little tree is adorable!!! Those little elves look so proud to be a part of it and that pretty star wand is the perfect topper! Thanks so much for playing along today for "Brag Monday"!

  6. Very cute! Those little presents are great with the tree.

  7. I love those elves and I was wondering how to use them. Very cute.


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