Thursday, January 7, 2010

Winter Still Lingers...

WAIT! Don't leave - it's not an old Christmas post - it's a new post, I promise. I don't still have Christmas decorations that I want to share with you - I have WINTER decorations. Maybe I made that theme up but I've done this for a few years now. Leaving up a few winter decorations to linger throughout a bit of January is my way of dealing with the January Blahs and a way to bring a little winter and "snowy" appearance to our house since winters in California are a bit different than the 26 winters I spent in Illinois. My guidelines of what's allowed --
2. Blue, White and Silver
3. Angels and Snowmen
4. White Lights
...and whatever else I may have forgotten to stash away with the Christmas decorations.

To participate in Frugalicious Friday, I'll focus on my thrifty finds for my winter mantle - nothing crafty created on my part, just some thrifty spending involved!

TARGET finds - the blue and greenish-blue tinsel trees - originally 7.99 for the big one, 4.99 for the small one -- both 50% off;  the owls - 9.99 for 6 - 50% off -- and I now see that I chose to photograph the one-eyed owl - maybe i should have asked for 60% off? But we'll just assume he has a special quality, like Rudolph did. How cute are these owls?

birdhouse - garage sale find, $.25, silver church - I caved and bought three of these when they were only 30% off because I was afraid they'd be all gone by the time they were marked down anymore -so the larger and medium sized ones are being used as nighlights in the twins' room - very shabby chic looking I must say.

BEST FIND  - 50% off 7.99 Yankee candle at TJMaxx --Yankees seem to usually be at least 15.99 even in discount stores so I was surprised to see the 7.99, let alone the half off of that. The bundled up snow angels and sledding girl were gifts from my mom one Christmas. .

MOST CREATIVE that I thought of while in the store aisle, and I am not saying it looks perfect but I got the look I was looking for...there is a picture of my husband and I that was taken in Lincoln Park in downtown Chicago when we were first dating- imagine this same snow covered sidewalk with the back view of two people all bundled up, hand in hand walking, taken in black and white film. (never mind that it was most definitley 5 degrees out at the time - we were newly in love! Who thinks of weather and frostbite during that stage of a relationship?) It was a picture that Jason asked a stranger to take for us and it has always been one of my favorites (a favorite yes, but before the digital craze and after taking an  hour break from this post to search for it in my 30+ photo albums, I can't find the darn picture!) When I saw this gift bag, I was reminded of this picture. I bought the bag, half off of course, brought it home, cut it in two, and taped it on to the framed picture that is above the mantle.

and here is my overall Snowy Winter in our house. Makes me feel like bundling up and getting cozy on the couch so the purpose has been met!

and while I have your minds focusing on frugalness...

 here are some nifty thrifty finds that made my week a happy one...
Canvas People is offering a free 8x10 canvas -- well, not TOTALLY free - there is a 14.99 S&H charge BUT even with that, this beats Costco's price of $30 for an 8x10 canvas. So it's a great deal - I know I have many of my photographer friends as readers on here so I'd grab this deal before it expires, and when that is, I don't know. AND the canvas is gallery wrapped which means the picture is streched neatly over the wooden canvas frame, for a neater look - often times, companies charge an extra fee for that feature - not canvas people! Here is the 8x10 I am anxiously awaiting in the little izbiz!

Any brueggers bagels fans like me?

click on the link in my post and if you sign up for their email list, you'll get an email for a printable coupon for a free bagel and cream cheese -- good deal for a free breakfast! and no strings attached to this one - i can promise because I've already received my email and there is no purchase necessary.


  1. yay! I'm glad to see there's another "winter" decorator out there. :)

    I made a "winter wreath" last weekend and my fiance thought I was making it just to put it away with the Christmas stuff. He didn't get it at first.

    Check it out here:


  2. What a fun n' sparkly winter mantle...thanks for sharing, and for linkin up to FF! Oh, you posted this over at The Stories of A to Z mantle party right? Just makin' sure! ;)

  3. I am so glad Jane told you to link up :). What a great winter mantel and glad to know it was frugal to boot. Thanks for joining the party. I hope you'll be back in weeks to come.


  4. LOVE the Let it Snow print! This is so festive and it! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I like that mantel! Looks great.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet comment!


  6. Quite a winter wonderland. So sparkly, too!


  7. I like your winter theme idea! I always have the January blues, too. Jan and Feb are blah after the bright Christmas season.

    The picture of your daughter is precious!


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