Wednesday, January 27, 2010

rain rain don't go away quite yet...

just as i was convinced that the rain had let up out here in California, the pitter patter noise on my skylight here in the kitchen told me otherwise. it's been nice to have a lot of "home time" however, with our full week of nonstop rain last week- i have to say i didn't really get much cabin fever and welcomed the opportunity to clean out some closets, let the girls get their movie time in, play with the twins in their land of pretend, cuddle on the couch with iz and let her fall asleep in my arms, and well, be a bit lazy in our jammies for most of the day..ok, most of the week. the girls got new raincoats from their Nana and were thrilled to put them to work. mia says she loves the sound that the rain makes on her coat when she is standing in the rain - i found that to be so observant for her little 4 year old mind.

i am happy to participate in Watery Wednesday

for the first time. below are some pictures taken by a family friend, Phil, while the girls were curiously splishing and splashing in the puddles...


i admire their love for rain. having grown up in the midwest myself, i think we saw our fair share of the rain year round and the excitement just wasn't there - unless the backyard flooded which warranted putting on the swimsuits and playing.

i loved the picture of the chalk which i added to my blog header. the girls accidentally left the chalk tub out in the rain which was appealing to them. they liked how dark the colors became and now call it "cheesy chalk." i think if cheese really had that texture it would cure my love for cheese, but i will let them call it what they want! and i guess it's one less thing i have to nag them about putting away.

have a great "hump day" -  i remember my dad always putting little notes in my lunch, even throughout high school and i always had a "happy hump day" on wednesdays and a "TGIF" note on Fridays. that memory makes me smile.


  1. My oldest has that same raincoat... isn't it just so stinkin cute??? The innocence of getting outside and splashing. No inhibitions. I just love it. Thanks for the note tip. I am on it this morning. Happy day to you. :)

  2. Those pictures are adorable. My girls love the rain, too. Puddles are kid magnets.

    The notes are meaningful, I think. I put a little sticky note in my girls lunches every day. Just a simple note: Be a good friend. Keep smiling. Enjoy your day! Etc.

    Have a great day yourself!

  3. Love these pictures, adorable rain coats and LOVE the mary jane boots! Splashing in the rain, definitely a favorite for my kids, too.: )

    Lovin' the new header too, the chalk looks so cool!

  4. I'm envious! It has rained here along with the snow, but it has been freezing cold in the rain - I haven't been enjoying it nearly as much as your girls have been :)

  5. My dad put notes in my lunches until I went to college, and then he put them in the care packages he sent. My favorite ones had just a quarter note drawn with love, signed Love, Dad. Thanks for the memory!

  6. Where did those mary jane boots come from???

  7. The pictures of the girls were adorable. They really look like they were having a great time in the rain. Love their bright and cheery rain coats.
    I saw your comment on my blog about my Dad's door. I hate to admit that it is still sitting in my basement. My husband doesn't have the same appreciation for vintage (he would say old) as I do so it remains a project for a later day. I'll win him over one of these days.

  8. I love that your dad left a note in your lunch box every Wednesday and every Friday. What a wonderful childhood memory. No wonder you're such a great mom!!!

  9. Wow. You won't lose them in a crowd. What bright pretty raincoats.
    I live in B.C. so we are used to the rain being a rain forest and all. I don't even own an umbrella let alone a rain coat. If I did I would try to find one like your girls. Too fun.

  10. Such cute pictures! I LOVE rainy pictures, brings smiles to gloomy days!
    Cute new header too! I'm kinda in the mood to do a "winter" header :)

  11. Youve got lovely girls! They look so pretty in their boots and colorful raincoats.

    I have 2 boys and both love the rain too!

  12. What fabulous photos! The colours of their floral jackets and the water shining! They are all gorgeous!

  13. Jen, thanks for featuring my pics of the girls in the rain. They look terrific on your site. As soon as I saw the girls in their new coats and umbrellas I said "I have to grab my camera as soon as we get home with them." They looked so cute and colorful. Luckily, the rain had just stopped and the gutters were full, so it was perfect. My favorites are the one with Mia kicking up her foot, and the one of both of them crouching a bit and looking down the drain. Phil

  14. Jen I "featured" you in Pink Saturday post. I will come visit tomorrow. Loved visiting your blog it is just so sweet. Grace


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