Sunday, January 17, 2010

can we sit on the clouds...

my moment of gratefulness this past week...
the conversation in the car on the way home from Lowe's.

Mia- can you talk in heaven?
Me - sure
Maddie - do boys die in girls heaven?
Me - yes
Mia - and boys and girls can hug each other up there?
Me- sure! (said with a melting heart)
Maddie - Are there toys up there?
Me - yes
Mia - Are there TV's?
Maddie - Are there remotes so we can watch shows that we like?
Mia - and can we bring movies like Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs with us?
Me - I'm pretty sure
Maddie - Can you sit on the clouds?
Me - yep! (heart is now a puddle of mush)
Mia - Is there apple juice?
Maddie - And can we see Grandpa Lou (Jason's father)
...and then with much thought about her Grandpa Lou's gravestone, Maddie asks
"does the rock have a cord that leads up to the sky?"
I had to inquire what the rock was but when she said grave, I knew what she was talking about. At this point, i don't think my tears allowed me to even answer and fortunately the topic changed.
oh, can i just keep them 4 years old for 4 more years at least?

on a lighter note...

my sister-in-law had her baby shower this weekend..only a month before we meet our newest family addition - miss kyra! the shower was wonderful...
thought i'd share with you the crafty little gift i put together -- all at a budget's price (jackie, my SIL, is well aware of my bargain hunting)
 Remember these in the dollar bin at Michael's over Christmas?

I purchased the galvanized bucket from Home Depot - it doesn't surprise me that I still managed to find myself in a hardward store even for a baby gift-
but I "girl-ied" up the bucket for the baby.
 I hot glued the pearl letters to create her initials.

...and filled her up with all sorts of baby goodies!
books. clothes. bath towel. puzzle. frame. photo album. to name a few.

Why the spatulas you are wondering?
This was the BEST purchase I made as a mother of twins when my daughters began eating baby food. These little spatulas got every last drop of baby food out of the jar - believe me, with two mouths to feed, every little drop counted!

and i think the mama-to-be loved it..

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  1. What a beautiful pail! I love the spatula idea! I make baby gifts in paint cans sometimes since I own a painting company.... but this is cuter because you can see exactly what's in it! Nice job!

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  3. Such a sweet story of the girls asking about heaven, and I of course love the idea of them thinking about seeing my dad up there! So sweet; definitely brings tears to my eyes! You'll have to tell me what it was like taking them to his grave. I've been wondering what they thought of that.

    And YES, I absolutely LOVE the bucket! It turned out so cute, and I can see that you put so much thought and effort into it. It'll be so much fun to use that bucket for toys and other goodies in Kyra's room! Thanks!!

  4. Love the shower gift. So stinkin cute! I would have never thought of the spatulas... if it ever happens again (baby, that is!) I will hit that idea. Happy day to you.

  5. very cute! i love doing gifts like this! very personal and fun to put together! great job! and the convo with your cuties is sweet!

  6. Creative and cute! The spatulas are very unique. Love it!

  7. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment at my blog - I really do love those car conversations... in fact, you just reminded me of my favorite one ever so I think I'll go post it! Stop by again and I'll for sure be back here - seriously cute blog!


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