Monday, January 11, 2010

Happiness Project Entry 2

I am going strong on the HAPPINESS PROJECT - I admit, I have yet to buy the book as I am not a big book buyer, rather a book borrower or garage sale book finder – but I might soon cave on purchasing this one if I could just find my Border’s gift certificate that I’ve had for ages now. However, the website is enough to keep you motivated and inspired each day – adding the book can only make this even more inspiring! I just feel motivated to keep a positive attitude and to remember that it’s my choice to make this either a good day or a bad day.

How cool is this though. So I posted the blog button on my blog and signed the pledge to agree to follow the Happiness Project for the year, and I find in my email, an email from the author! That to me is really inspiring – Gretchen Rubin is a best-selling author who takes the time to email me? What? How that wouldn’t make one smile and feel happy, I don’t know! Ok, I know, it could be her webmaster or someone who answers her emails for her, but don’t spoil the fun, just let me believe that it was really her.

Here is my little message from her…

Dear Jen,
I saw the nice mention of my blog, The Happiness Project, on Mimi Bella Boo. I so much appreciate those kind words and you shining a spotlight on my blog!
As a little thank-you, I’m sending along a “tips sheet” I put together. I hope you find it useful.
Best wishes,
Gretchen Rubin

Made me smile.

While garage sale-ing this weekend, I came across this picture.

Ridiculous and so not needed in my house. But the young guy selling it, said “that’s my Elton john,” and said that it had been in his grandma’s house for years and then his house. I kept looking at it and it just made me laugh. So of course, being the sucker that I am, he talks me into taking it home and I love anything with a story to it, so I figured “why not bring Elton John in to our house and create a few smiles.” So he is here now. With a little rehab work done to the frame and a new matte needed, he’ll match the other cluster of pictures that I have around – whatever works, right?

But I will now honestly remember to smile every time I see this silly man looking at me.
All part of the Happiness Project.

See, you smiled didn't you?

thanks to Definitely Maybe for presenting me with the Beautiful Blogger Award !
I  can add that to the "HAPPY" list.
So I am supposed to post 7 "randoms" about myself...
1.My favorite saying to my kids is "I am not an octopus." It's sinking in because one twin just hollered to the other, after hearing her numerous requests to me, "Mommy is not an octopus!" Why did the octopus get 8 arms and moms only 2?

2. Queen of Procrastination. ME.

3. I met Patch Adams, the real guy, in an airport once and found him to be the most inspiring person ever  - and yes, he was dressed up clown-like even in the airport.

4. I used to be a Muscular Dystrophy Association Camp Counselor for several summers which was a life-changing experience - and am now being found by several of my "little campers" on Facebook - and they are now adults! Can't even explain how great it is to see that they are still alive and well and living their lives to the fullest.

5. I would have loved a fourth child, but the minute I mentioned it, my husband informed me a day or two later that he scheduled his vasectomy. So blessed with the three we have. so so blessed.

6. i miss my mom on a daily, hourly and minute basis. i just wish we could be neighbors.

7. If I had the funds, I'd hire a personal stylist because somehow momhood took away my "cool" wardrobe and sense of style.

There's my Randoms!


  1. Yep.. you made me smile. That is Elton John, isn't it??? How cool is that to have an email from the Happiness Project author... so awesome. Have a beautiful day! PS: Thank you for reading my blog and for your sweet comments... Your blog and your comments really brighten my day.So glad we have "met"! xoxo Nancy

  2. So I think we could be "bff's" you are practicaly my neighbor. lol
    I ponder a 4th baby all the time...then I think ok maybe a puppy would suffice... I waver between the 2 on a very regular basis.

    Your little angles are perfect!Im sure they are so fun!

    Thanks for playing along!

  3. I laughed so hard I snorted (in a Sandra Bullock kind of way!) I love the picture, it is so very Elton John. I would have had to purchase it just because it would make me smile ever time I passed it.

    Now I will have to visit it on your blog. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I really do silly things, like hold my breath and forget to breathe or get so excited that I attempt to run which is very hazardous to the people around me as I stumble and cartwheel my way across the floor.


  4. Fun learning more about you. I'd be excited if an authur wrote to me too....assistant or not!
    Happy days!


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