Thursday, January 21, 2010

a frugalicous mantel-y friday...

I found my way to Michaels once again this week. I'm never sure how I end up there but I think it's borderline addiction my wanting to go in there and see what they have. My husband and I joked when we first moved here that my only two friends were Micheal and JoAnne. Those were two expensive friendships so I am sure glad I moved on to meet some new girlfriends. Mia unknowingly calls it the "crap store" rather than the craft store and we just leave it at that rather than correcting her, because really, how much more "crap" can I bring home from there???

well...a few crap things came home with me this week
..all of which create more for me to add to my "to-do" list....

those dollar bins went down to 4 for $1.00 so I stocked up on some notecards which I cover up the fronts with scrapbook paper and create regular notecards or birthday cards - a lot cheaper than buying the boxes of notecards that are blank...i plan to use these for valentine's cards.

and my twins have decided to have a Candyland themed 5th birthday party so these will help with invitations and favor boxes, with a little work added to them...

and some snowflake decorations for "snowflake lake" when that party actually occurs... 20 cents for 4 snowflakes.

so i have a few crafts up my sleeve with those thrifty purchases

on to the mantel party at The Stories A 2  Z...

I had two very opinionated helpers today - one wanted balloons, one didn't; one wanted purple, the other didn't; one wanted to do it her way, the other could care less -
all in all, all three of us were smiling once it was completed.

Maddie tried so hard to form a heart with the beads hanging on the
fireplace's just the special touch I was looking for.

while i've got you in the mood, please check out my first blog party and join in on FEBRUARY 12


  1. Such a GREAT idea with the cheap note cards and scrapbook paper! I have SO much left over paper from pages that I never reuse! I love that they were only $1.00 too!
    Gosh, I sure wish that I had the space to do neat things on my mantle, but unfortunately the only place in our living room to have a TV is over the fireplace. I might need to get creative though!

  2. I love the "crap store"!!! Classic!!

  3. Your mantel looks great. I have a fireplace but we don't have the mantel up yet which makes it very hard to decorate. Boo. I'll have to find other creative ways of decorating. That may be a feat because I'm so not crafty.

  4. Looks like you reached a perfect compromise with your festive mantel. It's beautiful, whimsical, and fun! Thanks so much for linking to the party.

  5. Love your mantel! It's so cute and gets me in the V Day mood. I love Valentine's Day!

  6. I love your mantel. The framed art truly sets if off.

  7. Your Valentines Decorations look so pretty! Very Nice.

  8. I love how you adorned your mantel. It's like a Valentine fiesta. I like the "crap store too", lol. Wish we had one here....Christine

  9. How absolutely precious!! I love it! I can tell you really like Valentine Day!! :-)


  10. Your mantel turned out so pretty. All the colors are wonderful I loved the story of your helpers too. I never thought of covering those cards. What a great idea.

  11. i love your pic above the mantel & the L-o-v-e banner. looks lovely!

  12. Your V's Day mantel is so beautiful. I love all the little touches. You did a wonderful job!

    Blessings, Grace

  13. You've got me motivated to do some Valentine decorating! I still have our tree up:)))!


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