Wednesday, January 6, 2010

just rambling...

a great day today!

i gave my "planning the week" plan a try this week and so far, so great!
finished the last of my Christmas returns.
saw three girlfriends and their children for a 3 hour playdate at the park - so peaceful and couldn't have asked for better company.
took some 10 month portraits of izzy in the park.
husband came home early as promised so i made it to the gym tonight
- ran 2 1/2 miles for the first time, in um, a year..and it felt GREAT! but coming home and polishing off a a bag of graham crackers just blew that out of the window -- I am so hungry after working out - what's the key to not pigging out after working so hard to knock off those calories?
oh well. i tried.
mentally feeling great is what i am going after anyway.
started my "happiness project" journal today = more of a record keeping book.
all the kids are sound asleep. so is the husband. and java. 
so i think i should join them.


  1. Good for you, that sounds like a good day! And I will trade you a playdate at the park for a snow about it? : ) Have a great rest of the week!

  2. I am starving too after I run. Yesterday, I ate a huge cinnamon roll. Not the best idea but man, it tasted good! It all evened out right? :) Oh well.. tis a new day.

  3. Great photo! I'm running too, and I'm STARVING at night! I think the trick for me is just going to bed and not snacking.


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