Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lots of Love For the SIL...

The shower was a great success this week – Jackie, my sister-in-law felt loved and was definitely showered with lots of pink and more pink! I was amazed that four of us managed to pull off planning a shower all over email – I guess that shouldn’t be so surprising but sometimes you think that phone calls just have to be made – nope! We divided up our tasks and came together that morning and created quite a cute room for the celebration.

Here's the Mama -To-Be

and sharing a familiar experience with one of very best friends from childhood,
who also has a world of pink awaiting her!

and a few of the pinkalicious decorations...

And I will note that I do not take credit for any of these cute things - wish I could fib and say "why yes, I made them all" but that's not the case. I did throw together the flower centerpieces using clearanced Christmas ornaments. How cute is that cake? I will clarify so that no one thinks we are the cruelest hostesses ever, Jackie has an elephant theme for her baby's nursery - we were by no means comparing her tummy to that of an elephant.

I will HOWEVER take all credit for these little attendees who came to their aunt's shower...
here is the sequence for the following three pictures...
1. puppy dogs eyes begging to eat her cookie before she eats the meal
2. a thrilled child munching on her cookie because the mom gave in
3. the sugar high that followed.

...and the other daughter rolled and rolled and rolled throughout the entire gift-opening.
(mental note - I MUST enroll this child in gymnastics)

rolling with her baby sister...

rolling right into the camera...

and the baby entertained with her walking and was quite curious about all of those baby gifts...

and i thought my bucket of baby gifts was good?
doesn't every baby own their own ipod?
i think there's a lot of spoilin' going on!

33 more days to go!

Linking up today to Silly Little Sparrow’s Toot your own horn party - I love that she is wanting to highlight the everyday things that we should be proud of – not just our crafty habits. It’s not that I need a pat on the back for hosting my sister-in-law’s baby shower, but I will admit that I left with a smile knowing that I had helped in making her feel loved and ready for this little being to arrive!


  1. What an absolutely special shower! I love all the decor you all came up with - very cute! PS - if you sign her up for gymnastics - she'll tumble even more! My 4 year old daughter is constantly doing flips, attempting back bends, & spinning on one leg! She exhausts me :)

  2. Looks like a fantastic baby shower! The pictures of your kids are sooo cute. Love what you captured.

  3. Thanks for everything Aunt Jen!! It was a beautiful shower! I need to update my own blog, but I've been so busy trying to get all the gifts organized into Kyra's room, and all the clothes washed and put away. I'm getting there, but still some more to do, and the major house cleaning begins before Kyra gets here!

  4. So glad the baby shower was a hit!!
    Love all that pink!
    Email is a wonderful thing.

  5. Oh, what a cute shower! I love all the elephant things! Pink. So sweet. I hope I get to have pink things the next go around, although blue again wouldn't be bad! But, I want to buy Barbie's and dollies for Christmas someday! I want to re-live my childhood! Is that selfish?


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