Friday, January 29, 2010

pink saturday...

So a week ago, I participated in Pink Saturday and wow -- what a response! 36 comments on my first post, and the most comments I've ever  recieved on a post -- come on, we all have to admit that those comments really make your day & make your time spent blogging well worth  it. These Pink Saturday bloggers aren't playing around - they are very devoted to this blog party and take the time to visit the numerous posts and leave  comments. I honestly think waking up to all of those kind comments last Saturday morning, really made me have a brighter day. ...and to top it off, I just saw tonight that Beverly, the host of the Pink Saturday asked players to feature a blog they visited for the first time, so Grace, from Pink in the City (she is from NY -how cute is that blog name?) featured me! so maybe now i am feeling even a bit brighter! thanks Grace!

so of course i am playing again this Saturday...

this is Guinness. also known as Guinney or Pa-tinners.
Why do we make up such cutesie names for pets?
Guinness is the little one on the far left, you know, the one that looks exactly like the one on the right and the one in the middle.  
He was my dog. my second baby.
 my second dog & my consolation prize for when i was
struggling to get pregnant.
Guinness isn't my dog anymore.
When i succeeded in getting pregnant for the 2nd time, (however with our 3rd child since we had twins the first time around), it was unfortunately time to find a new home for Guinness. 
i had never given away a pet and was devastated by doing so, but it was a decision that i made for him and had to ignore my own selfishness of wanting to keep him just so i wouldn't feel awful and miss him. 
so the weekend that i was in the hospital after giving birth, my husband and mother-in-law arranged for him to be picked up and taken to his new home.
i felt like i had just traded my dog baby for a real baby.
My husband's friend is a Yorkshire Terrier "pro" and we called her to find him a good home -- and it was meant to be because she called and said she'd take him. 
So how do i say no to that. 
i spent my baby blues bawling over Guinness that weekend but when i got home from the hospital, here is the picture that was waiting for me on my email. 

a three pack of burrito-ed yorkies!
the relief i felt when seeing this picture, i can't even describe. i think he traded me in for two new babies! it will be a year in march that he went to his new happy home, but i have kept this picture on my laptop since receiving it so when i miss his little yappy self,  i can look at this and see that he is as happy as can be in that little pink burrito bed!
happy pink saturday!
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  1. They are so stinkin cute! I love their names Happy Pink Saturday Grace xoxo

  2. Happy Pink Saturday, what a precious post! Thanks for sharing! I will stop by now to say hello to Grace. Thanks!

  3. Too cute. I love L-O-V-E dogs!!! I like your Pink Saturdays. It's fun to see!

  4. Oh they are so cute! Love those fur babies. At least you know he is happy!! Happy Pink Saturday!

  5. What a beautiful story. I am hopelessly in love with Mr. Nibbles and Little One. Can't imagine in a billion years having to give one of them to someone else but he does look happy and snug as a bug.

    You have a very happy blog and I love all of your photos. I found you through the comment you left last Pink Saturday. I'll be back again!


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