Tuesday, October 27, 2009

that little four letter word...

my sister asked that i take some pictures of items to spell the word "love" for her bedroom in her new house - her sort of "new beginnings" following her recent divorce. you never have to beg me to take a picture - photography is an outlet for me! so this is what my 11 year old niece and i created on our photo hunt that day --

i plan to print her pictures separately in black and white 8x12s and frame them separately in black frames so it will make a statement above her bed.  i have seen these collages available at festivals and such and at the most recent festival, this 4 letter word was priced at $98! not to disregard anyone's talent or art, but really this is a simple do-it-yourselfer!

my niece and i had such a good time looking for hidden letters that we've decided to continue looking for letters and have made a texting game out of it - we find the letter, text it to one another, make one another guess the letter and then thankfully for me, it leads to more conversation through texting or an eventual phone call --the end result, i feel closer to her than ever before! that world of  texting for (pre)teens is like our world of blogging.

grab your cameras - you don't need anything fancy for this - just an editing program after you take - let me know if you post your collage - i'd love to see your creation!

and while we are on the topic of love, here are a few loves in my life:

pretty worthy of lots of love i must say!


  1. Very awesome project...it must have been a ton of fun to do/find!

    And I love the other photos you took. Makes me want to grab my camera and get busy!

  2. So I just found your blog and I love it! You do have me wanting more mix-matched chairs now!

  3. Adorable photo of the girls with the balloons...
    My son did a project for his photojournalism class where they had to find letters in everyday objects. It was a lot of fun walking around town looking for the letters. We created a thank you card using the letters and he was able to use them last year to write thank you notes for his Christmas presents. It was one school project that had some practical use!

  4. what a great idea to make notecards/thank you cards out of these - thanks for the idea!


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