Thursday, October 29, 2009

just one big rant....

i welcomed fall yesterday but last night, i could have had a little bit of warmth back. our heat is out - and rarely do you use your heater in california, but you do crank it each morning when your house feels like a hockey rink. i was up allllll night with a non-sleeping baby. i swore i was going to do it right "this time" and not make the same sleeping mistakes i made with the twins - no bottles in the middle of the night, no giving-in and bringing the baby to bed with us, letting her cry it out, or at least for 5 minutes. well, i messed all that up the minute i brought her home, now i am paying the price and can't figure out how to fix what's broken. so when i finally dozed off this morning, around 4ish, i woke up to one of the twins sleeping horizontally at the foot of the bed, the baby next to me, my husband in the empty twin's bed and me in my robe. i can't stand to be bundled up when i sleep - no socks, no long pants, just a tshirt - so i knew i must have had a doozy of a night if i woke up in my robe.

i had lunch yesterday with my MIL and it was the most expensive lunch i've ever had -- $450. let me explain - she treated me to the lunch, but i chipped a tooth on my other tooth - not even on a fork or food, just my own lousy tooth. so to the dentist i go, some bonding done, slap $450 on the credit card, and back home. ONLY to have the bonding and polishing make it all worse and TWO more chips appear in two different teeth that she messed with and apparently weakend. it was after  5pm so no luck in getting  back in - my neighbor next door borrowed wax from another neighbor-mom who has braces -- that stuff really works! and i found that i didn't snack with it in my mouth so maybe i should borrow more just to get a better start on this diet that awaits me. so back to the dentist this morning to get these wonky teeth fixed -- sooooo not how i want to spend my morning! and i BETTER not be paying another dime for this service, right?

on a happier note, here's what has been looking at us in our family room each day for the past month - i seem to keep the halloween decor at a minimum but would love to go crazy someday - i save that craziness for christmas i guess.  "2 more days til 'truck or treating' " is all that you will hear in our house today...

(i love the little handmade jack-o-lantern in the candleholder -- my dad made that when he was young - found it in a drawer in my grandma's house when we were moving her stuff out )


  1. Ugh! Go ahead and rant away...I feel like that's the kind of week I've had too! Hang in there, hope Izzy does better for you tonight and on the PLUS SIDE, your Halloween decorations look super cute!!!

  2. Sorry to hear about the chipped tooth...not how you wanted to spend $450.00 I'm sure!!
    Your fireplace mantle looks very festive..hope you have a great time Trick 'r Treating.

  3. Wow, no rest for the weary over at your house! Sorry to hear about your teeth and your fussy little Izzy! I hope it all improves today. Looking forward to the "truck or treating" on Saturday!

  4. Sorry about the expensive dentist visit! Yikes! That is horrible! On a brighter note, I love your fireplace decor. Looks great! You could polish anything up and make it look fantastic! I swear!

  5. my birthday is on halloween. it's the best. i would love to have a fireplace and mantel. this is great!


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