Wednesday, October 21, 2009

the strength of a preschooler...

oh how i love my husband and hate AT&T -- thank goodness one of us in this marriage has some patience to make 20-some phone calls to get our internet up and running again. i could go on and on but i am moving forward and enjoying the computer while it works...lots of catching up to do...


  1. Woo-hoo!! I'm so glad to see you're back in the cyber world again! Finally! I think I'll email you just because I can!!!!

  2. ha -- i love it jackie! i will add it to the 718 (literally) emails that i have waiting to read -- wish i could say those were friends and not just junk mail waiting for me! i'll read your first - ha!

  3. Yay! : ) I am leaving you a comment just because I can too! Glad you are back, I've really missed your posts, funny how you get so used to the regular updates.


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