Thursday, October 22, 2009

the impromptu party...

Part of living long distance from my family, is the unfortunate fact that we miss celebrating all of the birthdays with family. My nieces, in particular, always question whether or not we’ll make it home during their birthdays. Now I’d like to think it is just because they want to be together as a family, but accepting the truth of a child’s mind, I know a bit of it is worrying bout how the presents will arrive if we aren’t there. I assure them that they will be mailed if we aren’t able to deliver them in person. So while we were home in Illinois, in response to my two youngest nieces being bummed that we’ll miss their big days, I threw together an impromptu party for the two of them.

So, enter the makeshift “DIY as cheap as you can Halloween-themed birthday celebration the night before we leave” birthday party! I used the box of Halloween decorations that my mom already had, made cupcakes, grabbed the scarecrow from the lawn, did without a table and chairs, and reqholuired the girls to grab a mask as their costume when they entered the party. It was all of 30 minutes before they devoured the cupcakes, ripped open the gifts, and we moved on to other things, but they loved the surprise and celebrating with their cousins.

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  1. Dang, if I say so myself, again, you are so creative! I love looking at your creative posts! Love it, love it! And that was very sweet of you to throw them that party. I'm sure they loved every minute of it. They look like they are having fun!


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