Monday, October 5, 2009

matter the most monday & a brag...

i enjoyed participating in the graphics fairy brag monday last week - especially hearing from new bloggers that i had yet to "meet" and seeing their creative work as here i am again.

this is really a garage sale creation - everything on this hat was purchased from a garage sale, except for the dollar store ring which i blogged about last week. i painted an old paper lions king birthday hat  - i used black paint, the graphic's fairy halloween lady, the spider rings i glittered, fake brown stuff -- (not sure what that is really called,) and orange yarn along the bottom; fabric and two buttons on the top of the hat. i am celebrating my two younger nieces' birthdays with them on wednesday before we head back to california this week, so we are going with a halloween theme and this will be one of the hats for the birthday girl. one more hat to make yet! and i think i just may have to make a third to keep as a decoration for myself.

now for my own "matter the most monday" my 6th monday post, those little things that grab at my heart...

the love my two oldest have for catching butterflies ....
..and those handmade gifted baby sweaters that make forever keepsakes.

when i first began my blog, i declared mondays as "matter the most monday" since we all tend to give monday a bad rap sometimes, i wanted to make this a day that i express my gratitude for the little things - maybe a weekend moment, something small that happened, or just a comment of  "i'm happy for the little things." so, join me and tell me in a comment ...
what little thing matters to you on this monday?


  1. LOVE the birthday hat!! Very awesome!

    Matters to me this Monday: That it's the easiest day of the week in his household. I plan on enjoying a relaxing night with my family. Maybe cooking a real meal even? Something to look forward to :)

  2. Again, you amaze me. Again and again! I love that Halloween hat!! And the knitted baby precious!
    What matters to me this Monday is spending the day with my son and getting to eat soup for dinner! I love soup! It truly is the little things...

  3. Hi Jen,
    Thanks for letting me "Brag" about you today!! Sorry you couldn't get me through email, I do have an email button, but it's towards the bottom of the page.
    This Halloween hat is adorable!!! You should add the link for this to my Mclinky thingy on my blog, I'm sure everyone else will want to see this darling hat too!

  4. Hi Jen,
    I love it!! You are getting quite creative!!
    I just saw your garland again on Karen's (The Graphic Fairy blog)
    Great work!
    PS, just posted a new crown I made on my blog.

  5. Jen your hat is really awesome,,,,,, love these colors and how fun is it.........wowwww happy halloween.....a big hug

  6. Very cool Halloween party hat! Great work with the BOO garland too!

  7. I came over from the graphics fairy's brag monday post to see your hat. I love it! So pretty and you did a great job using the woman graphic. I loved that one myself.

  8. This hat is so caauute! I just love it! How creative and unique, I am inspired to look around the house and see what I can come up with!


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