Friday, October 23, 2009

a first "FrUgALicOus FrIdAy" share...

i am more than excited to participate for the first time in Frugalicious Friday  over at Finding Fabulous -- i am one of those people who, when you recieve a compliment on a piece of clothing or some new item in my house, i for some reason, before even thinking about it, MUST announce to you that i got it for 75% off the already reduced clearance price - my 50-some dollar shirt that you were just admiring now became a $4 bargain. NOW WHY? why can't i just i just let you think i am a person with good taste and a nice new item? guess it's just the "humble" in me and the fact that i am darn proud of these fabulous "frugalicious" bargains!

my first great find is this vintage Ethan Allen chest of drawers that i scored at a garage sale for $30 earlier this summer -- my favorite find yet and the color couldn't be more perfect!

and my 2nd great find, an IKEA frame for 50 cents at a garage sale - I had it laying around for a bit, was ready to put it back into a box for my own garage sale, and decided to do a little DIY craftiness with it instead -- it now sits on the ledge by our front door and is one of my favorite frames throughout the house!


  1. Love it! That chest of drawers is awesome. What a fabulous find that is! That could be the most fabulous I've ever seen!

  2. The frame re-do is wonderful! What a great Idea. It looks like a $$$$ boutique frame. Totally impressed.

  3. You got a GREAT bargain on that dresser...I have shopped Ethan Allen so I know what a buy you got!!
    The picture frame turned out wonderful!!
    Love the blog design.

  4. Great job on the frame! And that DRESSER! What a find....and already prettily painted!
    Thanks for sharing,

  5. Oh, that dresser is a fabulous scored big time!! And I love what you did with the bamboo frame as looks great! Thanks linkin' up to Frugalicious Friday, I can't wait to see more of your fabulous finds!

    Jane @ Finding Fabulous

  6. Wow...that dresser was a that color! That frame is awesome...I see why it's a fav! I had a great time visiting your blog...hope you have a FUN week.



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