Wednesday, October 28, 2009

fall and a couple awards...gotta love them both!

 ooooh, am i happy today -
fall has made its way to California, thank goodness...
   i've made a store trip and came home with ingredients for my mom's favorite chili recipe...
   i bought a pumpkin pie from the bakery... and the cool whip is thawing out
   i have two little girls who are beyond excited for halloween, or at least for "truck or treating" and the candy
   that awaits...
   i have a friend who let me preview her halloween candy last night and i went overboard and was awake  
   until the wee hours of the morning...
   i dressed the girls in tights and velour dresses and sweatshirts today, such a nice break from the shorts and
   tshirts that i am so tired of seeing...
my windchimes are happily singing today...
   and izzy gets her first taste of the winter hand-me-downs from her sisters -- how fun to sort through the      twins' matching outfits once again and have so many smiles thinking of when their little bodies used to fit into them -- where has time flown to? ...
i've yet to find the fall coffee creamer flavors in our market, you know pumpkin spice and gingerbread, but a start to fall is good - i will be patient for all of the little traits to arrive.
welcome FALL, we've been waiting for you!

izzy's hand-me-downs include these Guess overalls that my oldest niece wore at 9 months - remember the GUESS jeans days - even babies had to have them i guess. so 14 years later, here they are with a little added  touch...

and the full package...

thanks to the AMY's in my blog world, i was given two awards last week --

Amy, at where a woman shakes her tablecloth presented me with the loyal friend and visitor award (am i right, does that teeny tiny word say visitor?) i really do visit amy's blog daily as she is one who can make you crack up out loud - i don't know amy personally, but honestly, i feel like i could meet her tomorrow and feel like i've known her for years -- lots in common and so fun to have found her!

and Amy, at LuckyNumber13,gave me the over the top award.

now i have known this amy all my life and i really do visit her blog daily as well, not only because she is creative and i love to see her ideas, but because i love to be able to follow up on her adorable children since we live long distance -- if we can't get together to share life in person, at least we are able to do it in our little blog worlds.

so thanks to the AMYs!


  1. Congrats to you on your awards! Well deserved!

  2. You are welcome...I love visiting here every day! Cute overalls but even CUTER baby, Izzy is so sweet! Happy that Fall is making it's way out west...I have a million leaves in my yard...maybe I should send some your way??!?!?

  3. You are welcome! And thanks for the kind words you said about me and my blog. I feel like we could be great friends, too! Much in common! Also, I'd like to be around you so you could teach me your creative crafting knowledge! You are a genius! Thanks for reading my blog and yours is one of the ones I look forward to reading every day!

  4. Love what you did with the overalls!! Cute idea!


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